The collision of continents / Clash of the Continents watch online

The collision of continents / Clash of the Continents watch online
Imagine that you are an astronaut who in the distant future, bravely went to gallakticheskoe journey to the edge of the universe. And 250 million years after, you come back. Everything you remember, was gone. Will the planetka our full cycle of change, as heralds the majority of scientists? Will develop if all land is put together to form one huge continent? Maybe the irresistible forces of geology have already wiped out all human presence — with the help of water, wind and ice. Maybe from us there is nothing left except for fossils. 250 million years after the heyday of our … what geological evidence will be able to prove that we once lived?

1. End of Paradise / End of Eden / La Fine Dell Eden: Land… 250 million years later. Gallaktichesky vorachivaetsya wanderer home. While he was in his own ship, moving at a speed close to the speed of light, relativity had created his famous miracles. For it was only a few decades, but outside the whole universe has changed. During the time while he was away, Land significantly older, landscape brought before his eyes, he was a stranger … He will need the help of all technical devices ship to understand what happened here.

2. The fate of the world's population / Fate of Man (End of Man, Descent into Hell) / Il Destino Dell Uomo: Earth … 250 million years after. Gallaktichesky lone wanderer descends on the planet. He made a long way to get here, and now fears that can be left alone. All the evidence of his past and monuments destroyed, blown by the winds of time. Then he learns that hell came down to Earth …

Cataclysms of earth from space hazards

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