The company «Aselsan» has developed a thermal sight for ATGM «Kornet-E»

The company
TSAMTO, May 24. Turkish company «Aselsan» (Aselsan) developed a lightweight thermal sight to equip tank missile laser-guided «Kornet-E» produced by the Tula Instrument Design Bureau.
The company «Aselsan» refused to call customer thermal sights for LAW «Kornet-E,» but it is clear that the Land Forces Command previously purchased game LAW Turkey this type in Russia.

As reported by «International’s Defence Review» citing the «Aselsan» removable thermal sight Sager TS provides detection and identification purposes, as their fire damage over the entire spectrum range shooting ATGM «Kornet-E» (up to 5500 m) funny day and NIGHT MODE, including adverse weather conditions. Reportedly used a unique design sight at night limits range to engage targets up to 3500 m

New thermal sight forms the image using optical devices direct imaging ATGM «Kornet-E» and optical collimator Sager TS. In fact, this means that the operator when firing the gun and placed behind the launcher, which increases its survivability.
Thermal sight Sager TS configuration ensures smooth function of linear growth from x2 to x25. According disk imaging company, the device has received three installation data field of view, it is not susceptible to «illumination» catchy flash during startup ATGM (at night). Sight uses methods to improve the properties of the image, freeze-frame function, as ordinary function test the null band aiming.
Weight thermal sight Sager TS lithium-ion battery (provides employment for 5 h) is 7 kg. Additional external lithium-ion battery can extend uptime sight to 12 hours Each set included charger for networks of constant and alternating current, and other additional devices, including the charger solar energy, also adapter AC / DC (AC / unchanging current) for mains voltage of 220V.
ATGM «Kornet-E» may firing anti-tank 2-types: 9M133-1 with tandem HEAT warhead capable of punching iron armor width 1000-1200 mm for active-reactive protection (ERA); 9M133F-1 thermobaric warhead oversized power, effective in the process of destruction by fire during combat operations in urban criteria and in the mountains.

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