The court for the words Luke flour again postponed

Today in administrative case Grodno Medical University student Catherine Gerasimchik questioned only one witness. The judge took a break before the second of April.

In the Lenin district court of Grodno questioned girlfriend Catherine Gerasimchik Olga Bogdanovich, who along with her arrested on the night of 11 to 12 February at the center of Grodno near the monument to Lenin, to whom pastamentse was made inscription "Luke flour."

Olga executive committee testified that they did not sign, but only climbed on the pedestal to get a closer look, that there written.

At the last meeting, one of the officers who detained the girls testified that the girl climbed on the podium next to the monument to Lenin and a few seconds there doing something. And although the pedestal he could not see what they could do there girl, he came to the conclusion that they did show "Luke flour."

Second police officer testified in court that he could not testify that it was a girl inscription was made, but, well, if he went with a colleague to the monument, I felt the smell of fresh paint.

I recall that during the arrest girls were carrying labels of "Young Front", and print with the words "Freedom Kirkevich", "Freedom for the sick," "Freedom Fyaduta!." These stickers were pasted in the center of Grodno.

For this to Last week administrative committee decided to punish the girls a fine of 10 minimum salaries each, despite the fact that no one has found them to see how they pasted these stickers.

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