The court ordered the Volgograd power industry to protect birds from electrocution death

Central District Court granted the Volgograd prosecutor to energy conservation to install on a power pole in the area of Bykovsky spetsustroystv because of the mass destruction of rare birds of prey, said on Wednesday Volgograd Interdistrict Environmental Prosecutor's Office.

According to authorities, the reason for filing the lawsuit was the prosecutor's check the site of the distribution network of 10kV overhead line substation "Katrichevo" Autograph district area, where they found the remains of 36 red-listed species of rare birds, including the steppe eagle, buzzard and saker.

According to experts of the Committee for Environmental Protection and Nature of the Volgograd region, territory Autograph Area is an international conservation value for birds.

"According to this opinion, the death of birds listed in the Red Book of the Russian Federation and the Volgograd region, a mass, and death itself on power lines is a factor that reduces their population. Total amount of damage caused by objects of wildlife, is more than 2.6 million rubles" — said in a statement.

According to the supervisory authority, the claim was sent to the branches of JSC "IDGC of the South" — "Volgogradenergo." Prosecutors asked the court to equip the power industry operated transmission line protective devices to prevent the death of the birds. The court granted the prosecutor's office in full.

During the trial, the defendant proceeded to install spetsustroystv on power lines by equipping today 408 transmission towers, reported the agency.

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