The death of aliens in China.

From time to time leaked information from China — one surprisingly different. Archaeological finds such compelling material issue in favor of the hypothesis of visiting our planet extraterrestrial aliens, about what ufologists previously could only dream of. These are real proofs landing on the planet of the spacecraft and its relatively long presence in the Middle Kingdom. Cosmic wanderers apparently been on our planet by accident — their ship had an accident, fell to Earth, or made an emergency landing.

The sensational discovery of Chinese archaeologists little known in the West as the Chinese authorities deliberately suppressed it, and the public did not know anything about these unusual findings.

Aliens visited Earth about 12,000 years ago. However, traces of their presence remained surprisingly well, which causes understandable suspicion: I do not concocted a sensation of some unscrupulous archaeologist? But the more detailed and thoroughly considered experts materials related to the "Chinese Roswell", the clearer it became that there is no reason finds fake, and newcomers — fiction.

Experts have confirmed the authenticity of the findings, but must continue to pursue their study. Enough material for research: although previously found skeletons in the cultural revolution are gone, preserved evidence of the other items.

In 1937 and 1938, a Chinese archaeologist, Professor Chi Pu Tai expedition to a deserted area of Western China — mountain Bayan-Kara-Ula. The area on the area is not much inferior to any Central European state. Mountain peaks ridge Bayan-Kara-Ula reach five thousand feet, and even the valley is at a height of two thousand meters above sea level. In this desolate mountainous conduct archaeological work very hard, and so little understood area.

Professor Chi Pu Tai examined a number of caves in the rocky mountains, and some of them he saw the neat rows of graves, which were well-preserved skeletons of creatures height not exceeding 1.3 meters. He was surprised to unusual and disproportionate addition — with thin weak bones and joints they were disproportionately large skull. "Tadpoles" did not look like people — they gave the impression of being to another species. They did not have anything to do with the human races. Of all the tribes of the earth only the Pygmies living in Central Africa, the average growth of an adult male about 1.38 meters. But the data do not look like skeletons skeletons earthlings. But they fit the description of those aliens from the people who got kidnapped by aliens.

A professor of classified he found the remains of skeletons of long-extinct species of monkeys. His colleagues, who saw the mysterious bones showered Pu Tai Chi hail venomous ridicule. Scholars excelled in wit at his professor and "briskly intelligent monkeys" who buried their dead relatives in the graves, located in a specific order.

In principle, it is not so funny, for in ancient Egypt did not only human mummy — dead animals there too embalmed. Their mummies found in tombs near the mummies of their respective owners. The difference is that in China the other caves were found, obviously human bones. In addition, archaeologists have seemed extremely strange objects caught in the grave with a big-dead. Even the walls of caves bear puzzle for researchers: on the rocks found interesting drawings representing figures in round helmets. And over their spherical heads can distinguish schematic images of the Sun and the Moon.

Local legends help clarify the question of the origin of these creatures. In ancient legend tells of yellow drops, lived in the mountains. These were stunted and thin legged creature. Drops came from the sky — jumped straight from the clouds. People treated them with hostility: hunted them like wild beasts, and brutally killed. Legendary drops, by the description, looked like aliens.

Modern residents of Bayan-Kara-Ula, a superstitious fear bypass the cave with the graves of unknown creatures, and firmly believe that these sinister places not even come close. They inherited from their ancestors ban and never break. Perhaps it is due to a severe taboo tomb remained untouched for thousands of years.

Legendary drops, fell from the sky, and strange skeletons in cave burials may have a direct relation to visits by representatives of an extraterrestrial civilization. This version supports the discovery in the province of Sichuan. More recently, scientists have noticed a small village inhabited by dwarfs: the average height of adults — 1.15 m, while the stunted barely held up to 64 cm The village looks like a toy: buildings are low, things correspond miniature dimensions residents. Some researchers suggest that dwarfs — the descendants of the extinct drops.

However, the most significant of all the discoveries associated with the skeletons in the mountain caves of Bayan-Kara-Ula, are mysterious objects found in the tombs with the dead, — 716 stone "plates." Disc thickness is about 2 cm, and the diameter — about the middle of the 30 cm disc with an opening from which diverge concentric circles carved grooves. Between them scratched icons. Such signs are found nowhere else on earth, and for a long time no one could decipher them.

Only in 1962, linguists from the Beijing Academy managed to read a few fragments of text on the stone discs. In the texts of reports that buried in these graves crew ship that 12,000 years ago, was on the third planet of the solar system — on Earth.

The ship was badly damaged and could not fly, but there was no repair necessary materials. Astronauts had to stay on the planet. They were difficult to adapt to terrestrial conditions and survive in the harsh climate of high mountains, and, according to legend, humans constantly harassed them.

Why pilots crashed ship is not trying to save fellow? They probably belonged to an advanced civilization. Other ships or base, must have received a signal about the accident and knew that the pilots are alive … Maybe they were looking for, but have not found — the Earth is large, and in mountainous terrain is particularly difficult quest. Maybe rescuers arrived on the "third planet of the solar system", when it was too late.

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