The documentary Secret Khurtuyakh Tas (2012)

Khurtuyakh Tas — A monument to the goddess, the patroness of women and the family hearth. Who is she? The film "The Secret of Khurtuyakh Tas" invites the audience to get acquainted with the author's vision of one of the most revered stone monuments of Khakassia.

Stone deity Ulug Khurtuyakh Tas, which is a three-meter stele, is an ancient shrine Khakassian people, the name of the stele is literally translated as "Big stone woman", that is "mother of all mothers." If you believe the archaeological data, stone sculptures 4500 years and it is located in the center of a 35-kilometer Askizsky burial, the longest in Europe. The researchers concluded that the radiation from the stele, not electrical, not radioactive and is not magnetic. Almost half a century, "stone woman" was in the Republican museum, after which it was returned to its original place. For him, the glass was erected tent, where throughout the year supported by special temperature conditions.

Khurtuyakh Tas is a defender of motherhood, assistant pregnant and childless. Every year Khurtuyakh Tas visited by thousands of tourists, and supporters of traditional beliefs Khakassian conduct ceremonies at the statues. According to legend, the statue has special healing powers for infertile women, and according to witnesses, appeals to the miraculous relics sometimes bring much more benefit than treatment by specialists. "Khurtuyakh Tas" is among the three most visited museums in Khakassia. It is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site of art.

According to legend Khurtuyakh Tas was quite real woman with her husband and children (number of children ranging from two to forty). During the strife, the family had to flee, the husband decided to divert the enemy, and his wife had to go with the kids in a safe place. It asked the gods to help her save the children and the gods turned her children into beads. But when Ulug Khurtuyakh tas got, she found that the thread is broken and all the beads were lost. Then she cried out in grief and began to sing, she sang so beautifully that the gods Touched (there is an option that angry) and her lishivshuyusya their children, others have made the patron of children. So she stands steppe goddess, in the midst of his tent, turned toward the east, a three-meter statue of sandstone, mouth open in a sad song, and the "pregnant" belly carved mask.


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