The documentary Secrets 2 online.

Continuing the theme of the development of a quality worthy of the Man with a capital letter.

What The Bleep Do We Know!? / So what do we know?! or "How deep is the rabbit hole?"

In addition to the film The Secret, The Secret 2 — Is the scientific explanation of the principles of working in secret. Very easy to understand words, many scientists in different areas tells us how and why it works.

This film is also called "Secret 2"In spite of the fact that it came out 2 years before!

The film, "So what do we know?!" Excited the imagination of thousands or even millions of people around the world. So what do we voobsche we know about the power of thought?

This is a new type of film — he and a documentary, and art at the same time, including a high-quality effects and computer graphics.

The main character — Amanda (Marlee Matlin), falls into the world of quantum physics, and begins to explore his discovering unexpected and simply stunning facts.

"Secret 2"Spodvignul people around the world ask themselves the conceptual questions of life: what is the meaning of life? Who really am I? Who is the Creator?


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