The elephants of Hannibal / Hannibal’s Elephants watch online

The elephants of Hannibal / Hannibal's Elephants смотреть онлайн
Since ancient times, the Alps were insurmountable barrier in the center of Europe. Those who decide to go through this stone desert elephants, must be either mad or Hannibal, the famous military leader of antiquity. But can you believe the legend about the elephants, riders and a large army and the old hero which at 28, implored the gods assist him and his comrades in this perilous journey? Who was Hannibal Barca, history which fascinates all even after 2000 years, what happened then in the Mediterranean, which was ruled by seafarers from Carthage, hometown Hannibal, and what led the rebellious mind to challenge the might of Rome and start fighting acts that would later be called the first in the history of World War II?

Mysteries of the history, excavation, archeology

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