The European Union intends to spend more money to help civil society

EU to increase aid to Belarusian civil society and the public, said European Commissioner Stefan Fule.

"Today's meeting is an important opportunity again to show solidarity with the people and civil society in Belarus. It will help to make that international assistance in this difficult period was a deliberate, targeted, effective, "- said in a communique released on behalf of the Stefan Fule.

Informal donor conference held on March 21 in Brussels.

The purpose of the conference, the report says the European Commission — to stimulate discussion among investors and Civil Society Belarus.

This meeting — the continuation of the one that took place on February 2 in Warsaw.

Then Füle announced that the European Commission will increase funding Civil Society in Belarus has already allocated € 4 million to € 15.6 million in 2011-2013. Moreover, 1.7 million euros aimed at providing immediate relief to the victims of repression — this increases the total amount of targeted EU assistance to the population of Belarus to 17.3 million euros, reports Interfax.

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