The Federation Council ratified the protocol on Russias accession to the WTO

The Federation Council ratified the protocol on Russia's accession to the WTOFederation Council ratified Now Protocol on Russia's accession to the Marrakesh Agreement Establishing the Global Trade Organization of April 15, 1994.

This document was signed December 16, 2011 in Geneva, during the plenary session of the eighth WTO ministerial conference, Minister of Economic Development and the Director General of the Organization. The signing of the protocol at all graduated 18-year period of negotiations conducted by Russia to join the WTO.

Protocol anticipates that our homeland as a WTO member states perceive themselves to the Marrakesh Agreement with all the changes that have been adopted by members at the date of entry into force of the protocol on Russian accession. At the current time, members of the WTO are 155 countries.

"The text of the Protocol, which records an agreement on Russia's accession to the WTO, Russia is a list of the duties of the market access of products and services for markets including list exemptions to the more favored by services — said earlier the Minister of Economic Development Andrei Belousov. — Commitments to an acceptable level supported agriculture in the so-called basket yellowish / is assistance in trade-distorting — Ed. / Export tariffs, the tariff quota is also in the list of duties on goods. In addition, the text of the Protocol is a link to the obligations listed in section 1450 of the working group on accession. " Protocol, annexes and commitments outlined in the corresponding paragraph of the report of the working group, collectively legally essential elements of the package of documents submitted for ratification, explained the minister.

The list of concessions and obligations of the Russian Federation on goods covers more than 11.5 thousand tariff lines, consolidating the results of bilateral and multilateral negotiations on market access for products, including those for export, imported duties, terms of support for agriculture, tariff quotas, export subsidies in agriculture.

List Specific responsibilities of the Russian Federation on the services that includes list exemptions to the more favored, summarizes the results of bilateral negotiations with the 30 member countries of the WTO. In total agreement clasp 117 sectors / total WTO stands out more than 150 service sectors /. In the 39 sectors / including pipelines, railway, indoor aqua transport, most of the medical services etc / Our homeland on responsibilities does not take. After joining the WTO in these sectors may be any restrictions for foreign suppliers of services directly to the full market close on condition that they would not violate the obligation to provide more favorable regime.

Ratification of the Protocol would necessitate the payment of a one-time fee and yearly dues of the Russian Federation to the WTO. After the ratification of the Protocol will be the allocation of the 2012 budget appropriation of $ 175-200 thousand francs to pay a one-time fee and 1.75 million Swiss francs / according to preliminary estimates / to pay a yearly fee for the second half of 2012. Immediately, as in the current time of the Russian Federation has the status of observer WTO in 2012 also need to make fee watching in full — 29.145 thousand Swiss francs. When you join for the balance of the amount of the contribution will be deducted proportionally from the membership fee. Appropriate means of the federal budget already provided.

In addition, according to preliminary estimates, the implementation of the obligations of, associated with membership in the WTO, will reduce federal revenues due to lower rates of customs duties. Belousov said that the direct loss of budget reduction of imported fees can add up to 2013 188 billion rubles, in 2014 — 257 billion rubles. "But we believe that the real economical loss will be much less due to the growth of trade, and hence the tax base, and thereby increase the collection of fees, which is directly related to their level," — said with all this, he said.

Recognizing that the entry into the WTO has certain risk for a number of sectors of the Russian economy, Federation Council still convinced that the accession candidates of the country does not. According to the views of the relevant committee chairman of the Federation Council on Economic Policy Andrey Molchanov, accession Russia's accession to the WTO eventually "will encourage increased productivity and efficiency of Russian production." Speaker Valentina Matviyenko earlier assured that SF will be intensively hunt down the consequences of joining the WTO in the regions and — if necessary — "promptly make the appropriate legislative response," it is designed to deal with made-hoc committee in the House.

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