The Ministry of Justice warns

The Ministry of Justice believes that the recent leadership of the Minsk City Bar has lost control over the observance of the rules of professional ethics of lawyers. This led to "failure to separate counsel of their professional duties, made a number of statements that undermine the authority of the legal profession."

This is stated in the statement on the website of the Ministry of Justice of Belarus.

According to the Ministry of Justice, for various violations of the law by the Ministry of Justice terminated the license for the right to practice law five lawyers. Given the evidence, the Ministry of Justice to the Presidium of the Minsk City Bar Association made a presentation.

National Bar Association supported the decision taken by the Ministry of Justice and condemned the actions of the Minsk City Bar Association.

"The Justice Department has warned of certain officials of the Presidium of the Minsk City Bar Association, which in the case of continuing the policy of confrontation palityzavannya issues of termination of licenses lawyers who violate the law, lack of principle to the consequences of their actions will be applied to them disciplinary and administrative measures in due course," said in the message.

The Ministry of Justice also notes that "some in the media Lately slant public functions in the field of advocacy, which implements the Department of Justice. "

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