The most memorable Freedom Day

The first public celebration of Freedom Day in Minsk took place about the Theatre and Art Institute in 1989. Students, youth then spent the first performance. Since then, Belarus March 25 is celebrated every year. What a celebration of Freedom Day in a time of the most recent history of Belarus memorable politicians, public figures and intellectuals.

Anatoly Gritskevich

Professor, Doctor of Historical Sciences Anatoly Gritskevich many scientific papers devoted to the proclamation of the Belarusian People's Republic in 1918. As for the memorial celebration, Professor Anatoly Gritskevich remembered:

"First of all, when independence was declared. It was, it seems, in 1993. We first prepared openly. The authorities prevented a little, but not too much so that … I remember the celebrations in the Philharmonic Hall was even then-chairman of the Belarusian People's Republic of Joseph Sazhich. He just could not believe it … That's when it was good. But for me anyway every year on March 25 — a celebration: mine, my family, all my friends. "

Vintsuk Vyachorka

Politician Vintsuk Vyachorka began to celebrate Independence Day back in1980 underground, and later was the applicant and the organizer of many stocks. He was a consistent supporter of calling on March 25 as the day for decades and was called — Independence Day. A Day of Freedom — it is late metaphor, which, according to Vintsuk Vyachorka, should not overshadow its initial value. As for the most memorable celebrations, he recalls:

"If we talk about the holidays, beginning 90, celebration on March 25, then this is definitely a rally near the monument to Yanka Kupala amfiteatralnyh or on the steps near the Opera House — very nice, highly decorated, with a lovely decoration, with large portraits of the first songs BNR. And, of course, it's 1996. This day became coloring protest, protested fiercely against surrendering independence. Just then despair may have held the criminal attempt to destroy our independence just two years after coming to power of the current ruler. "

March 24, 1996 near the Opera and the ballet was, perhaps, the most populous event in the modern history of Belarus after achieving Independence — it has gathered more than 50,000 people.

Ales Pushkin

In 1989, the student theater institute Ales Pushkin gave the first performance at the Freedom Day. He made the porch of the Institute stork made of paper. 71 balloon symbolized '71 Belarusian People's Republic. Pushkin and more then 35 people were detained. And what is the most memorable day for the artist Will Pushkin?

"Today. Because this morning I brought a huge plate of length three and a half meters, and set him on the central square of the village of Beaver. On plyanshetse shows preliminary design of reconstruction and improvement of downtown Beaver. I was finishing the final touches on this project, the sun is shining, people go, the children come, look. I draw here akvarelkay … It is a constructive proposal as an artist to his opposition of the village council and district authorities. I'll take this project in the evening to take note of, considered as a 5 years will be 500 years of the town … "

However, one place and nuisance. At noon to Ales Pushkin arrived police chiefs, searched the artist, pulled from his pocket a white-red-white flag that he was going to deploy later. The flag was taken away. But this unfortunate episode has not dampened the festive mood of Pushkin.

Anastasia Palazhanka

An activist of the "Young Front" 20-year-old Anastasia Palazhanka— Ravesnitsa independence of Belarus

"When I was in years14-15 learned about the events of 1918, I felt some pride in their homeland, which was then, I feel pride for their country and now, and for the motherland, I want to see in the future. To me, Freedom Day identify more with street protests for the return of what we would like to see us belonged. For me, when I joined the "Young Front" in 2004, it was not some glamorous celebration, no meetings with friends, no. For me it was a street confrontation, a show of strength and character, and the power of the organization. And awareness of dignity — that we are, that we are not obedient, then or now. "


Freedom Day

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