The new charge Bakiyev

The former president of Kyrgyzstan and his supporters accused of shooting protesters in the central square of Bishkek during the April 2010 coup d'etat, exhibited additional charges of abuse of office.

This is the agency "RIA Novosti".

On Wednesday, the trial began the reading of the indictment, and the prosecutor's office filed an additional charge of Kurmanbek Bakiyev unlawful introduction of the plans, "Typhoon" and "Buran" to suppress mass protests in Aksy district in 2002, when he was prime 'er minister under President Askar Akayev . Then police clash with protesters led to the deaths of four protesters.

Moreover, Ex-president charged with setting the zero excise tax rates for the supply of jet fuel to the U.S. air base, which is located at the international airport "Manas" in Bishkek. According to investigators, this caused damage to the budget of around halfmillion.

Moreover, Additional charges brought against former Prime Minister Daniyar all the new chairman of the Civil Service and natsbyaspeki Murat Sutalinov that, according to the prosecution, forced the government to conclude a notoriously unprofitable contract with the company "wait-power plant", which "sold at a reduced price of state-owned shares" Povnachelektra. "

The process of government officials on charges of Bakiyev's regime in mass murder, abuse of power with violence and abuse of office began in Bishkek in October last year.

Kyrgyz President Kurmanbek Bakiyev, his son Maxim, Janysh, former Prime Minister Daniyar all the new, ex-head of intelligence Murat Sutalinov and former commander of special forces Esenbay Baiysh tried in absentia because they fled the country. Kurmanbek Bakiyev took refuge in Belarus.

In the dock — the former chief of staff of the State Security Service Daniyar Dungan, Defense Bakytbek Kalyev, dyarzhdaradtsa president for defense and security Elmurza Satybaldyev and about two dozen defendants who are former senior officials and intelligence personnel in Kyrgyzstan.

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