The opposition is at a crossroads

Society members: a member of the organizing committee of the ports, "the Belarusian Movement" Ivashkevich and vice-chairman of the "For Freedom" Viktor Kornienko.


Viktor Kornienko

Valery Karbalevich

What does the manifesto?

Valery Karbalevich: "A group of opposition politicians has published a manifesto, which offers its own strategy. What is it different? What is new is offered? It seems so, for example, offer as a necessity and work more closely with the population, the need for action, not words long been commonplace, commonplace all opposition appeals. What's new about the proposals? "

Ivashkevich"What's new is that we do not simply declare — we have to work with the public. We propose an algorithm that work. We propose an idea that if people possess, can awaken their creativity.

The boycott of the regime may take place in the form of a boycott of the elections to the House of Representatives.

As opposed by the people themselves, the people can boycott all the initiatives of the regime.

But, as opposed by the people themselves, the people can boycott all the initiatives of the regime. This is — to remove ruble deposits to buy foreign currency, to support the campaign "Stop Petrol", an online boycott of a judge — a graduate of the Lyceum, the sentence has committed for political reasons, not to join the Youth Union and "White Russia" does not pay illegal levies. It is necessary to accumulate a variety of social conflicts that arise in the community, in the general direction.

This could undermine the regime and force it to negotiate with the opposition. And then there is the view that the regime can no pressure to negotiate. "

Karbalevich"G. Kornienko, your movement "For Freedom" could sign this manifesto? . "

Viktor Kornienko"The words in the manifest are correct. But practice shows that it is not beyond the statement goes. A declaration we had a lot. With that, once the search for dissent, opposition of other democratic forces. So do not seek consent.

I agree that the government will not agree to negotiate with the forces that do not represent a do not have the support of society. Or provide proposals in the manifesto that support the community? There are questions. Further, for the majority of the signers of the manifesto are no structures and organizations. There are just the big names. Is that enough resources? "

What are the differences?

Karbalevich"G. Ivashkevich from whom you admyazhovvaetsesya his manifesto? Who is opposed to work more with the people, be active? "

Ivashkevich"Our article — exchange of views during the development of the overall strategy of the opposition. We believe that the presence of political prisoners in negotiations with the government are not possible. Because there is a saying — say, political prisoners and participated in the negotiations and elections are not related.

What about the fact that for the subscribers do not cost structure. I think that the idea, which has gripped the masses — the material force. Because presidential elections have shown that the structures that were considered strong, in fact, did not work. Conversely, a strong company attracts people from different structures.

But after the publication of the manifesto called me five people from different regions and structures that supported the idea and want to join. We believe that we should not participate in the elections, while there are political prisoners have not yet cleared of charges until a fair counting of votes in the election. "

Karbalevich"That is to participate in the elections only if they are democratic, transparent?".

The action can be considered successful only when it is massive.

Korneenko"In January 17 democratic organizations signed a joint declaration. Then the number grew to 24. In the document there is a demand to release political prisoners, cessation of repression, the task of joint preparation for the elections. Work began in the working groups. Parties and organizations will lead a discussion until May. Why was this hasty manifesto is hard to say.

The position of the movement "For Freedom" is this: on any terms as extras you can not participate in the elections. As long as there are political prisoners, and the situation with the elections getting worse year by year, to participate in elections is not worth it. "

Celebrating Freedom Day

Karbalevich"How to evaluate the change in the format of Freedom Day demonstration, the rejection of the march and rally?"

Ivashkevich"From the beginning, I had an offer no requests to the city council did not apply because it is a failure, and immediately invite people to Liberty Square and to the cultural action, display international characters not in the form of flags, and in the form of clothing, etc. That is, to get a sense of the elbow, not substitute for the law on rallies.

But the proposal is not supported. Controversy began, where to go: whether to Yakub Kolas, whether in Yanka Kupala. Finally came to my proposal to use a form of celebration that does not fall under the law on rallies: the laying of flowers. But, as the decision is made in a few days, in the end everything turns out poorly. "

Korneenko"The action can be considered successful only when it is massive. When people are going a little, it does not have a sense of the elbow. We believed that the gathering place should be closed down. Therefore, we have signed an application for a place in the collection of the Academy of Sciences. But where to go next — it was supposed to solve the organizing committee.

But afterwards, at the suggestion BCD and the "Young Front", the decision was changed. I think it's irresponsible. The result was what happened. My assessment of the recent decision of the organizing committee is extremely negative. "


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