The phenomenon of crop circles

Several years ago, astronomer Gerald S. Hawkins noticed that some of the most striking of the crop circles embody the geometric theorems that express specific numerical relationships between different areas of the circles that make up these mysterious circles.

Most surprising is the fact that these configurations make diatonic relationships which define musical scale.

I wrote about the work of Gerald Hawkins. Due to the widespread opinion about fakes crop circles must be emphasized that Hawkins does not write about all the circles, and just about anyone where he found the diatonic relationship. Such groups are, and they are many. Who to include accurate diatonic relationship?

Here is an excerpt from an interview with Gerald Hawkins:

ML: … What about Douglas Bower and David Chorley, two Englishmen, who claimed last year that they were creating circles. They could form a diatonic these relationships?

JH: They could, if they were aware of the diatonic scale, and would like to include it in circles. But I think we should give the reason for which they were doing laps. They said that they "did it for a laugh." All right. If they did it for a laugh, it does not fit with the inclusion of a secret piece of information. I wrote to them. They never responded.

ML: What do you write them?

JH: "Why did you include diatonic relationship?"

ML: And they did not answer.

JH: No. I think we can swing it. It is very difficult to make diatonic ratio. This must be done accurately to within a few inches on a 50-foot circle, for example.

Perhaps the mysterious crop circles will help to understand the nature of power relations in defining the diatonic scale is so different, and on the ground and in space.

Source: Inomir.Ru

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