The quality of tap water in Yakutsk deteriorated due to floods

Quality of water that flows from the taps residents of Yakutsk, because the flood has worsened, according to Republican Rospotrebnadzor Russia.

According to the daily laboratory monitoring, supplied drinking water does not meet health standards organoleptic.

"Color of water exceeds the rate of up to 4.9 times and is 70 to 90 degrees, turbidity — 3 times, and reaches up to 4, 49 mg / l at permissible to 1.5 mg / l, — the report says.

Republican Rospotrebnadzor to prevent infectious diseases recommended for water use household filters, use bottled or boiled water for drinking, washing fruits and vegetables with boiled water. Without being able to purchase filters or bottled water, experts recommend pre give tap water to settle.

Sole supplier of water in Yakutsk is SUE "Water". The company on its website informed of the possibility of deterioration in the quality of drinking water from the middle of May to July.

"The subscriber has the right to refuse to pay for a resource, but not the right to use the water released to the violation of the terms of a … I wish to continue receiving water during its temporary deterioration of" Water "will be recalculated," — said the site "Vodokanal" .

The company also announced that from May 22 in residential areas will be on duty Yakutsk water carter with purified water. Purified water will be distributed free of charge.

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