The Sleep of Reason

The Sleep of Reason

In recent years the development of the Russian Federation indicated with a certain positive trends is process modernization of the armed forces, armed forces were worthy of funding, slowly, but go process integration of the post-Soviet space, Moscow has expressed the political will on the situation around Syria announced the latest industrialization, etc.

And at the same time early elated. Acts of Vladimir Putin only stopped process decay and fall, but did not stop it. The free fall into the abyss in 1990, was replaced by sliding on a slope in the 2000s. We litsezreem that the liberal wing of the Russian political "elite" is continuing its work on the destruction of the Russian civilization. Well, external enemies do not sleep. Quite frankly emissaries of our eastern and western "partners" are actually destructive work on the whole of the Russian Federation. Work is underway to split superethnos ruses to "coast-dwellers", "Siberians", "Cossacks", "Ingrian" etc. is intensively process sharing thoughts "Great Turan" and "World Caliphate" in the middle of the Muslims of. I must say that the Muslims of the Russian Federation evenly washed out of the Russian field. Generation of "Soviet Muslims" who thought the Russian language, go, come to replace other generation. Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Kosovo, Turkey, Azerbaijan intense play on the field. Already at this time the de facto there is a war in the North Caucasus, noisy explosions, bloodshed, more and more young people imbued with thoughts of "holy war" with the wrong and the establishment of justice on the basis of Islamic law. Still faster processes of Islamization and feudalism are in Central Asia.

Fortunately activity lasts the final allocation of the peoples — "Ukrainians and" Belarusians ". More and more people feel is a part of the unified Russian civilization, and representatives of individual nations. Ukraine turned into a permanent "headache" of Moscow.

Process Islamization is superimposed on regional separatism. Any government is a republic "embryo" for the coming conflict. No need to think that the external enemies "asleep." More than 2-decades is a careful, thorough work on the cultivation of public intellectuals, young people who were brought up to hate the "Russian (Russian) occupiers." Chechen (Ingush …) youth have no respect for Russian — they ceased to be warriors, teachers, engineers, masters of the Russian country. As a result, there are situations, such as fights in the shopping center "European". When the wife and children of high-ranking officials of the Chechen allow for expressing themselves with the promise of killing "enemies" and their families. There are statements like the words attorney Dagirov Hasavova. He was in an interview, "Ren TV" on April 25, promised that Muslims "will flood the city of blood" if Moscow does not legalize Sharia courts. Very worrying situation around Tatarstan. For example, during a speech at the yearly forum vkladyvatelnom AIM 2012 in Dubai, United Arab Emirates largest town Tatarstan President Rustam Minnikhanov styled republic "Muslim." In addition, the country is process displacement of the Russian language.

Do not sleep and the Liberals in the mandatory structures, creating one by one the projects aimed at the destruction of the Russian civilization. There are reports that the Federal Migration Service (FMS) is preparing an amnesty for illegal immigrants. This "army", which has, at the most moderate estimate of FMS of Russia, more than 5 million people. Other sources call the number to 30 million people, together with their families. The initiative to grant amnesty to illegal immigrants The Foundation "Migration XXI Century". As a result, the concept of "replacement migration" (some refer to it as the creators of "etnogenotsidom"), which the authorities of the Russian Federation in turn put into practice in the past 20 years, can get its logical end. With a stroke of the pen will be "solved" the problem of demographic Russian Federation — its millions of citizens will become "hard-working" of foreign language and foreign cultural workers. Our "partners" in the East and the West will be very happy — Russian people, and so is in a very difficult position, will receive a terrible blow. "Vavilonizatsiya" RF accept an irreversible character. Russian will destroy a "melting pot." Naturally, the Western "well-wishers" have already expressed support for the plan. For example, the consulate offices of international organizations working in Moscow in the face of Natalia Hofmann noted that, in its opinion, the Federal Migration Service of the Russian Federation and the Ministry of Public Health has already matured in order to open a discussion question.

It has been two decades since the fall of day or Russian Empire and Russian universities of identity formation, as before, the only thing that connects voedinyzhdy people of Russia, holds the national unity. Two decades, in terms of culture, not given birth to anything new. New Year, 1 and 9, inherited from the Soviet Union. Samples associate Russia with modern Russian empire, imperial resurrect some of the "triad" — the official Orthodox lead to only further fuel division. A significant part of the Patriots associated himself with the victories of the USSR and the Stalinist era, not with Kolchak, Denikin. The "Petersburg-2", when our country is part of Europe, its supplier of raw materials, is doomed to failure. You can not go back into the past — either in Russian or in the pre-Soviet.

Almost Russian Federation — is a shell without content. We have no vision of the future, no Applets or purpose of their ideology. Even our history eroding so rapidly that soon the Russian war heroes majestically become anti-heroes, "invaders" and "rapists." People do not realize why it exists. We can not be civilization "stomach", but consumers. At the current time our homeland — it is the greatest piece of the USSR, which lives on the Russian advance in the field of technology, science, education, infrastructure, abundant natural resources. But you can not live endlessly. Neighbors have to get accustomed to our territories, are a tremendous job of creating their own future "policemen", "elders." Small "brotherly nations" Russia begin to find yourself in the world of the future, without the Russian "elder brother".

Leave Russian generation, brought up on is not the most perfect, but "myths" that are knitted together is a tremendous place. And soon before us will be very aggressively questioned — by what right the Russian occupy such a gigantic area, for whom and for what purpose there is our homeland, what is the status superethnos Russ, what is our purpose, Russian dream. And will last longer than the sleep of reason, the more painful and even bloodier would urge …

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