The slope of the Earths axis changes everything

Perhaps the most unusual, exciting and maybe even to some extent revolutionary observation of all that we have heard from the Inuit (Eskimos self — annotated. Translator) is that the world as it leaned against its own axis and it contributes to climate change.

When Zacharias and I first heard this, we thought it was very strange, but all the older representatives of the tribes with whom we spoke — Pangnirtung, Iqaluit, Resolute Bay and Igloolik — believe that this phenomenon is real. In today's blog we post video of one of the elders — Japiti Palluq (from the tribe of Igloolik) said the impact of the earth's axis tilt, and also consider the traditional view of the problem.

It was very interesting to meet the elders and hunters of Nunavut (one of the provinces of Canada — annotated. Interpreter), observing the same phenomenon: the offset from the axis. Despite the fact that in most cases, the participants in this study were not aware of its subject (the offset relative to the axis), all of them started to say one way or another about it. That's just today we heard from one of the respondents thought that the earth as it is tilted, causing Zach looked at me, half-jokingly asked, "Did you tell him that?". As a professional scientist, I know that the test reliability of the result is the reproducibility of the phenomenon, regardless of who conducts the research. Thus, dealing with the Inuit of Nunavut on fixed by their observations, based on their traditionally good knowledge of nature, we do not distort scientific truth. So what data is collected and analyzed by the elders to come to the conclusion that the Earth's tilted axis?

Nunavut elders noticed that the sun and the stars have changed their position in the sky. The sun now rises higher and therefore, the day is longer. It is important to note the following: We have to remember that in the northern latitudes the sun is below the horizon most of the year and, therefore, for the Inuit is quite familiar with the natural map of the sky. Indeed, Inuit told us that they in the past, in my own land on a dog sled during the long winter months, always guided by the stars. Thus, when Inuit talk about the sun and stars, they talk about it with skill.

We heard that the earth as it leaned toward the sun. According to the elders of this is confirmed by the following: the sun was up, the day is longer, it became warmer, which is not typical for the nature of the Arctic ecosystem. As explained Japiti (hero video) later this led to changes in migration routes of animals, increase the temperature of the sea water and consequently led to the thinning ice. All this is similar to the theory of the effects of greenhouse gas emissions (resulting from the use of fossil), later recognized by scientists.

When we started this project, I looked through the scientific literature in order to find scientific evidence to support Inuit observation that "The earth is tilted," and that this fact is the cause of climate change, but nothing of the sort found in the literature. Now, being in Igloolik (population point Eskimos, Canada), editing video and hearing about this observation repeatedly, again I decided to turn to the scientific literature. And to my surprise and delight, I finally found two recently published scientific research related to the observations of the Inuit, which we did the video.

Drysdale (Drysdale) and his co-authors in August 2009 published a study in the prestigious journal Science, the subject of which was the reason for the end of the Pleistocene ice age (about 141 thousand years ago) — change in slope of the Earth's axis. Just as the Inuit possible hypothesis of climate change is "a relatively large and permanent increase summer at high latitudes in both hemispheres during the maximum deviation from the Earth's axis." Although Drysdale and colleagues and discuss past climate change, but it seems that they are fully applicable to the existing claims of Inuit connection slope land and climate warming. In another study published last September in Geophysical Research Letters Landererom (Landerer) and his co-authors show a link between warmer ocean waters, the position of which filled him with aggravated melting glaciers, and the emergence of "horizontal mass redistribution" in the world's oceans. Essentially, the amount and position of the world's oceans, and it literally shifted in turn leads to a shift in the Earth's crust on the earth's axis. Research in 2009 and Drysdale Landerera argue that this approach earlier in the scientific world was absent, and that the results of their work enable scholars and the public a new perspective on climate change: causes and effects of it.

In fact, Inuit observations seem quite relevant theory of long-term climate change, also known as the "Theory of the Milankovitch cycles (Milankovitch)», which provides for natural heating and cooling periods, due to the position of the Earth and its axis relative to the sun. Details of this theory, see Wikipedia.

Albeit in different ways, but the Inuit elders with knowledge of astrophysics and environmental scientists all come to the same conclusion, and I am trying to just show it. Astonishes me most is the fact that for many years the elders and hunters, living on this earth have seen and talked about the environmental changes that have just started to write the scientists working on what is called the cutting edge of science. Indeed, the Inuit are hardly experts on climate change and complement their knowledge, and in some ways superior to the scientific understanding and discussion of the phenomenon. We certainly hope that our work will show how these two ways of knowing (Inuit and scientists) can work together to promote better understanding of climate change, which may have a paramount importance to modern society.

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Translation: Anna Krasnov

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