The soldiers at the time of W

Soldiers at the time, "W"

Yesterday the State Duma deputies spotted a bill that is fundamentally changing the system of Russian people stay in supplies.

As explained to the correspondent "RG" one of the creators of the document, the chairman of the State Duma Defense Committee Viktor Zavarzin, it is about the development in Russia Prof. reserve the mobilization of human, which the army command, control SVR and FSB calls under its banner in the war, large or emergency exercises situations.

Forced to drive to the barracks have served in the army of people no one is going. Detach them from their homes and jobs in the long term — too. The bill provides for the entry of the volunteer army reservists to spare. Look this way can subsequently. Before retiring from the army commander will offer Dembele — the recruit to sign contract, in which yesterday's fighter undertakes times vorachivatsya operational. Another way — a set of contract reservists through military conscription.

To intrigue the man "after-hour" service, it will be every month to pay a certain amount. According to the views of lawmakers, depending on the specialty and military army rank of the man, it can be 5-7 thousand rubles per month. As they say MPs, after a significant increase in the salaries of the army in 2012, financial performance is likely to reconsider.

Between fees for reservists keep their average wages in the civilian world. In addition, they will receive as ordinary contractors. For such people wish to enter and additional payments, namely, the regional factor and kazhdomesyachnuyu increase for continuous stay in the reserve. The main thing is that the purse "guerrilla" will be replenished, regardless of whether they were employed or in this moment is in a military unit.

Now a soldier and an officer's Stores calling into service approximately every three years. Charges last less than 2 months. Increase their length does not make sense — on another person simply fired from civilian work. But the cause of reservists for training must often.

The creators of the bill put their trust that the monetary preferences will cause the Russians to mobilizing the enthusiasm of the service. And if you will be able to select the best professionals there really.

According to the document, at the conclusion of the contract until the mobilization entitled to ex-soldiers, sergeants and warrant officers, warrant officers under the age of 42 years. The junior officers up to and including the captain must not exceed 47 years. Majors, lieutenant colonels and their proper naval officers — 52 years. Colonels and captains rank 1 — 57. Set your own status, and for graduates of military departments of civilian institutions. Contract to serve in mobrezerve forbade them to sign in 15 years after enrolling in the lieutenant's in store and assigning ranks.

As with active military personnel, first "guerrilla" contract for 3 years, the next — for 5 years.

In Russia to form a cadre mobrezerv MPs suggest a few steps and start — with the creation of a second front for the armed forces. According to the views of legislators, to January 1, 2012 for the Army and the Navy really recruit 4,300 reservists, and terminates in step 2014 have 8600 Prof. reservists. Then, they say in the State Duma, the turn comes to the set of reserve personnel in the FSB and SVR.

Well, those fighter and sergeants, who before retiring will not want to sign contract the service in a mobilization reserve, include the so-called mobilization resource. Staying there means more people will bring. They will remain as before military servicemen but calling on the army of their fees will be less often than reservists. And in case of an emergency situation such people put under the gun in the second turn.

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