The spilled river may podtopit several farmsteads in Altai

The river burst its banks in the village Onguday Altai Republic and threatens to flood some farmlands, told RIA Novosti spokesman MOE for the region.

According to the agency interlocutor, riverbed Ongudayka in one place frozen to the bottom, as a result of an ice plug formed, which prevents the movement of water. As a result, the river burst its banks. Estimated rescuers could be flooded four infield.

"Work on clearing drainage channels of ice and slush, water drainage from the houses under Deputy Ongudai rural community … 10 people are involved from the district administration, 11 rescuers Altai search and rescue team. Cleaning of old drainage channels, creating new channels to divert the river , dug two ice well. water level in the flooding of the territory fell to seven centimeters. Work in progress ", — said the interviewee.

For the Republic of Altai is characterized by two waves passing flood. The first experts usually predict the end of April, the second — in late May, early June, when the glaciers begin to melt in the mountains. Experts expect serious complications during the passage of both phases of the flood this spring due to the small rivers froze to the bottom and snow fell twice as much as in 2012.

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