The Supreme Court upheld the acquittal of businessman Andrey Bondarenko

June 10 the Supreme Court upheld the acquittal of the Minsk City Court on businessman Andrei Bondarenko. The court found that the owner was convicted of illegally, and acquitted him of charges of embezzlement of the company through fraud.

"The fight for justice has cost me health, a firm of two years in prison and dozens of landings in a prison lock-up, but it's worth it. Very grateful to everyone who helped me — colleagues from the United Civil Party, relatives, journalists who did not forget about my case. Now I will seek compensation from the state for the losses that have caused me to investigators and judge their illegal actions. Unfortunately, the Belarusian legislation does not allow it to claim compensation from the these people "- Said," Freedom " Andrei Bondarenko.

The sensational case of Andrei Bondarenko began in mid-2009. Entrepreneur, a member of the United Civil Party, which a year earlier participated in the parliamentary elections, was arrested after returning to Belarus from abroad and was accused of stealing property. The first time Bondarenko was tried in October 2009 in the court of Minsk. Yarmolenko judge found him guilty of what he allegedly stole from his company through abuse of office and sentenced to seven years in prison. Bondarenko pleaded not guilty and in the colony refused to sign the papers to correct.

After a few months the case Bondarenko revise judge Ravinskaya of Pershamaiski court. The judge acknowledged the businessman convicted of embezzlement — to once through fraud — and reduced the prison sentence of 1 year. In Bobruisk colony where Andrei Bondarenko was serving his sentence, he continued to be called "illegally sentenced" and refused to cooperate with the administration, for which he repeatedly found himself in solitary confinement. In March 2011Minsk City and reviewed the case of Andrei Bondarenko and Pershamaiski Court overturned the conviction of Minsk. June 10 is the Supreme Court affirmed the decision, after which it shall be final.

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