The tick bite in Yekaterinburg … November!

According to the injured man, the mite has attacked him on November 18, when the window was minus 7 degrees. On that day, a fisherman for the first time out on the ice, wearing over clothing, which hunted in the early autumn. When the man returned home and began taking off her clothes, he discovered that he dug his mite. Amazement victim knew no bounds.

Man urgently appealed to the trauma center. In the medical facility tick removed, and the patient had the necessary preventive treatments — wound treatment and the introduction protivokleschevogo immunoglobulin. Insect tested, fortunately, it was not contagious.

"Most likely, the mite stayed in my robe has a warm autumn" — suggested the fisherman.

Words hapless Yekaterinburg confirmed experts MO "The new hospital." According to them, the mite is likely decided to "winter" in the clothes men. Such a phenomenon is by no means abnormal. Mites inhabitants temperate climate, typical of the conventional spring-summer-fall activity. Normally these insects especially nimble and dangerous air temperature plus 3 ° C and above. However, many cases and at low temperatures below zero — ticks are different "good health" and more vitality. According to experts of the "New Hospital" into their establishment last bitten entered on October 31. Therefore, doctors recommend: Check and empty the clothes after visiting the forest, look for ticks on pets and, of course, to impart!

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