The time will come for us will fight drones — American sergeant

 The time will come for us will fight drones - American sergeant
Unmanned aircraft — a typical «heavenly eye» — allow ground forces to survey the battlefield in real-time reports ASDNews May 24 with reference to reports from the National Training Center of the U.S. Army (Fort Hood, pcs. TX).
UAVs can monitor the battlefield and funny day and NIGHT MODE, some of them are even capable of striking at the enemy troops.
Field aerial connection (pictured) allows ground control station GCS (ground control station) to receive video from a drone at a range of 125 km.
Servicemen serving stations control UAVs, they say that they are stuffed with information higher command centers, they are free to decide how to use the received data. Do a search for the missing soldier on the battlefield is also easier to do with drones rather than hiking search groups. You can also detect people cooking to an improvised explosive device. Some UAV operators already have combat experience in promoting the introduction of drones with attack helicopters and Apache helicopters targeting Kiowa, regained during service in the international coalition forces.
Sergeant Joshua Peterson (Joshua Peterson) believes that UAVs are a valuable asset that helps save the lives of soldier in combat zones. «Drones are the future of warfare. , We hope the time will come when we can fight without the use of soldiers, «says Sgt.

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