The UN resolution on Libya: Medvedev against Putin

Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin, speaking at the Votkinsk plant, condemned the UN Security Council resolution on Libya, according to it "is defective and flawed, it allows everything and resembles a medieval call for a crusade. In fact, it allows intervention in a sovereign country. "

According to Putin, the U.S. policy of intervention in conflicts in other countriess becoming a stable trend, in which "there is no conscience, no logic."

The prime minister said Russian regime in Libya does not meet Western standards of democracy, but "no one has the right to interfere in the internal political conflicts." Putin noted that the events in Libya indicate that Russia had made the right decision to strengthen abaranazdolnasts.

Today President of Russia Dmitry Medvedev said in absentia premiere. Russian leader told reporters that he believes the UN Security Council resolution on Libya "wrong", "I believe that this resolution generally reflects our understanding of what is happening in Libya, but not in all. Can not say that we do not understand, what we do. And beat their wings to the body. "

Medvedev stressed that "the behavior of Gaddafi were ugly and the current operation is the result of crimes against the people."

Today the newspaper "Kommersant" published material, which provides its own version of Russia's behavior in the UN resolution on Libya. Russia, like China, have not imposed a veto on the resolution, but only abstained. According to the publication, President Medvedev insisted that Russia supported the resolution. The day before the military operation was retired Russian ambassador to Libya Vladimir Chaman, which supported Gaddafi.

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