The UN Security Council adopted a decision on Libya

The UN Security Council adopted a decision on LibyaOn the night of Friday, March 18 UN Security Council adopted a decision on Libya. 10 states, including the United States, Britain and France, have supported a resolution to create a temporary no-fly zone over Libya. Rationale — to prevent the subsequent bombing of Libyan cities army engaged the rebels, and the death of the local population.

Abstained from supporting Resolution 5 states — Our homeland, China, India, Brazil and Germany. (!) This is a very good character, a split of the Western world — Germany is increasingly beginning to think 'my head. " If Moscow was able to make a strategic alliance with Germany, it would be just wonderful reflections of the Great War storm stronger …

In addition, the decision of the UN Security Council provides for the freezing of accounts Oil Company of Libya and the Central Bank of the country — they are linked specifically with Muammar Gaddafi. Practically it resolution opened the possibility of a military strike against Libya without a ground operation.

The resolution emphasizes that the imposed restrictions do not apply to civilian clothes aircraft, to deliver humanitarian aid and evacuate foreign people. According to her, the UN member states will prohibit take-off, landing and clearance of Libyan aircraft over their air space. In addition to those flights that have been agreed with the UN Sanctions Committee.

The reaction of Tripoli

Authorities Libya dubbed the UN Security Council resolution allowing air strikes on positions priklnnyh Muammar Gaddafi forces, "the danger of the unity of the country," reports Agence France-Presse. With such a statement after a meeting of the UN Security Council, Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of Libya, Khaled Kaim. Adopted resolution, According to him, "urges Libyans to kill each other."

Libya's Deputy Foreign Minister also expressed his special thanks to 5 powers abstained from voting on the resolution.

Even before the vote in Tripoli said that at least some military intervention in Libya would entail danger to the civilian and military ships and aircraft whose path passes through the Mediterranean. "Though what civilian or military ts will aim for our counter-attacks," — said on March 17, Defense Ministry spokesman Libya.

The position of the Russian Federation

Of the word is the representative of the Russian Federation to the UN Vitaly Churkin: "Work on the document does not match the existing practice in the Security Council. In the text were included provisions that open the door for large-scale military intervention. " In addition, he noted that the resolution is very changed, and it is in the final version is very different from the project, submitted by the League of Arab States.

According to him, Russia has not received assurances that military intervention would not, however, have seen their Western colleagues eagerness to solve the problem by force. "If that happens, it is seriously hurt not only the civilian population, and the interests of peace and security in the entire region of North Africa and the Middle East" — warned the Russian diplomat said.

Result — Washington, London and Paris almost got permission for a military solution, because the only way to "close the sky" over Libya. There has been a political rift and the main camp of the Great War: the future "Allies" — the U.S., Britain and France. Disunited Islamic world, where Shiites and Sunnis will play off, some countries are faced with the others. To determine the 5 states that do not want to win the Anglo-Saxon model of World Order — Our homeland, China, India, Germany, Brazil, — it's time to start closer cooperation, the enemy started coming.

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