The UN Security Council adopted the equilibrium resolution on Yemen

The UN Security Council adopted a "balanced" resolution on YemenThe UN Security Council on Friday, October 21, adopted a resolution calling on Yemeni President Ali Abdullah Saleh to step down as possible, reports, "Al-Arabiya". Voted for the resolution, all 15 member countries of the UN Security Council.
According to the constant representative of the Russian Federation to the UN, Vitaly Churkin, resolution is the "equilibrium, non-confrontational to all Yemeni parties." His quotes RIA announcements.

The meaning of the resolution is Churkin explained, that "to urge all parties as the faster you can reach an agreement on the basis of the initiative of the Cooperation Council Arab countries Persian Gulf (GCC), also end the violence. "

Recall that the initiative of the Cooperation Council for the Arab the Persian Bay anticipates a peaceful transfer of power after all the controversy. The agreement gives Saleh and his entourage protection from prosecution after retirement. Saleh GCC contract is not signed. He did not once declared consent to do so, but each time changed his mind at the last moment.

Since the beginning of anti-government protests in Yemen were killed, according to various estimates, from a few hundred to one and a half thousand people. Massive opposition protests demanding the resignation of Saleh last from the end of January 2011.

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