The United States of America have set their sights on China

The United States of America have set their sights on China

To maintain leading position in the Pacific region, the United States America enhance the economic, political and military pressure on China.

South American military experts behold the real danger from the China due to the intense and successful work over Beijing's anti-satellite weapon, the development of cyber weapons, modernizing nuclear submarine fleet and take on aircraft armament fifth generation made by the new technology of "stealth". Of particular concern is the presence of Washington, Beijing has ballistic missiles capable of carrying a charge over long distances and are hazardous to aircraft carriers. In this regard, according to an employee of the Obama administration, the United States developed a brand new military doctrine in relation to China in the spirit of the "cold war." U.S. commanders believe that this approach will allow to keep ambitions China in the Pacific.

In order to meet the military concept developed by the United States America strengthen military cooperation with Australia. Under the agreements, the South American Marines, not only will be on areas of Australia, and to conduct joint military exercises with the Australian divisions.

Due to the fact that China maintained territorial disputes with Vietnam, Malaysia, Brunei and the Philippines, these countries do not mind being in the region of the U.S. military. The U.S. also is a profitable strategic cooperation — will allow it to increment military presence America near the South China Sea.

No ordinary economic relations between the U.S. and China are related to the requirements of Washington increasing appreciation of the yuan and access for U.S. companies in China's domestic market. The President of the United States believes that the economic affairs with China should bring benefits to both countries, and not just the Chinese side.

Maybe similar expressions and will be appreciated by the Yankees, but to get the consent of China, on the basis of strict requirements are unlikely to succeed.

According to the views of Beijing's official sources, the growth of the yuan would needlessly bankrupt Chinese companies, but does not remove the lack of trade between countries with 2.

China reasonably believes that Washington's demands to be agreed in the form of reciprocal agreements. But while the United States produces a regional trade bloc without the participation of Beijing. It is planned that in the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TTP) will include the following countries: USA, Japan, Australia, Vietnam, Singapore, Chile, Malaysia, Bimbo Zealand, Brunei, Canada, Peru, Mexico.

The condition for accession to the Partnership for China is the fulfillment of the requirements Washington,that apart from increasing the appreciation of the yuan, and access to the domestic market in China include: a substantial reduction of duties, protection of intellectual accessories and non-state support for the economy. Need to see exactly what the intervention in the economic affairs of the country have allowed China to survive in the wake of the global economic crisis. Will China adopted the rules set by Washington to be seen.

The U.S. economy is very profitable role in TTP, as will allow significantly increment south american export.

International affairs experts alarming presence of multiple projects on regional integration Pacific: APEC, the Asia-Europe Forum, East Asian Partnership, the Association of South-East Asia.

The situation that exists in the region, requests speedy multi-level integration. But at least some project, which would not be such a large player like China, do not want to achieve effective results.

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