The water level in the lake unique Altai Valley fell by 0.5 meters

Experts find out why in the artificial lake of the special economic zone of Gorny Altai, filling which ended earlier this year, the water level has dropped by half a meter, the bottom divers explore, told reporters on Thursday the first deputy prime minister Sergei Tevonyan region.

Artificial reservoir area of 51 hectares, which is to become a "highlight" special economic zone "Altai Valley" in the Altai Republic, began to fill with water from the river Katun in October last year. In the future around it should be elevated to tourist sites, islands, equipped for bathing beaches. The lake on the three peninsulas be located hotels and apartment complexes.

By January 15, the lake was filled to a depth of five meters. But after a few days of specialists found that the water level goes down. According to the representative of the Gorno-Altai branch "special economic zones" Constantine Tuzikova, currently a general decrease was about 57 centimeters, which is about 260,000 cubic meters of water. He noted that the rate of fall of water decreases, and over the day was three centimeters.

"Now talk about the degree of problems on the pond too early. Contractor has the necessary financial and technical resources to identify (reasons — ed.) And give competent opinion together with the customer and find out what's happening. Divers are invited, and in 11 Earliest work … Specialists in geophysics from Biysk and Novosibirsk … also get to work in order to understand how to move the water, which is filtered in certain places, the river Katun "- said the first deputy prime minister of Belarus Sergei Tevonyan.

Tevonyan rated the events as a "normal working situation," because objects do not put into operation.

"I stress that the construction is very complicated, there is no similar to the Siberian Federal District, either in the Russian Federation. There are many facilities of this nature, where there are no daily monitoring and monitored daily by the level of the water, and there is no need to keep the water level at a certain point. In our pond is a need to specify the documentation in relation to the fact that there are people supposed to rest, and so a certain level of water we need to keep. After the pond was filled to a certain point, had to undergo a period of time to stabilize the level and expected drop in natural due to the fact that there is a membrane biomaterials "- said Deputy Prime Minister.

SEZ "Altai Valley" is located in the district of the republic Mayminsky, in an area of 855 hectares on the right bank of the Katun River. It is assumed that each year in the "Altai Valley" will rest up to 94 thousand people, with an average length of stay of eight days and simultaneous loading of up to 3.5 thousand.

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