The West fears the global success of the TV channel RT

The worldwide success of the television network RT changes the balance of power in the global media space. Today, RT is one of the most effective tools of Russian foreign policy, and this is the major concern in the West, where the fear to lose the information war.

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These findings come author of an article published in the German newspaper Der Tagesspiegel. Analyzing the principles of the Russian TV channel, he tries to find out the reasons for his success with such a broad audience.

Today RT watching 630 million viewers in more than one hundred countries around the world, according to InoTV. More than 200 staff members provide round the clock broadcasting in four languages: Russian, English, Arabic and Spanish.

In the UK, RT — is the most popular foreign English-language channel. In the U.S., it is second only to BBC. Russian TV channel managed to get around Western competitors and online. On YouTube RT leads in the number of video views news topics.

The article is associated with ether RT, CNN and the BBC for March 7. If Western channels focused on North Korea and UN sanctions, their Russian colleagues also report on the situation in Syria. The plot of the Syrian rebels who seized the peacekeepers as hostages, replace others: about U.S. drones, sowing discontent in Pakistan, and the Israeli soldiers mistreated children.

In this case, RT is credited with the detailed coverage of the project WikiLeaks. The channel is closely monitoring the fate of an American soldier Bradley Manning and Julian Assange went on the air with its own program World Tomorrow.

The fact that the U.S. "Losing the global information war" Hillary Clinton warned two years ago. Today, these concerns are shared by many. As the newspaper writes, the media are fighting for people's minds. The success of RT can inspire other countries, such as China and involve the creation of new television networks that broadcast around the world in several languages. And in this case, the author summarizes, "Western democracies have a very hard time."

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