There are rumors that the 21 December for the people fly UFOs

December is getting closer, and hysteria associated with the ominous date of end of the world, taking up more people.

Residents of a small French village Byugarash located near the Pyrenees mountain range, waiting for December 21, with a shudder. It's not superstition, local communities, and in a nearby hill, where the day of the "X" is going to come a thousand followers of esoteric teachings and ideas of the apocalypse.

Recently, the Internet began to spread widely the theory that the mountain has magical powers, and that will start when global disaster, those who will be on it to survive. From there, people will take the UFO. For a small local commune of 200 people is an invasion does not bode well.

From 19 to 23 December will be patrolling the area of Mount riot police, stopping every passerby. In addition, the mayor even made an appeal not to come to this area. Supporters believe the idea of the end of the world on the Mayan calendar, the mountain people may already expect spaceships. However, local residents did not agree, and say that all this commotion deprived of income because tourists are now bypassed village side.

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