Theres a new typhoon «ROKE»

There's a new typhoon «ROKE»In the western North Pacific typhoon activity continues. A tropical depression that occurred in the southern latitudes in the past weekend, slowly shifted to the west, is not significantly changing its intensity. Yesterday, September 14, she moved to the stage of a tropical storm. This is 15 in a row this year typhoon. He got the name «ROKE».

Today in the morning it with pressure 996 hPa was located in the north of the Philippine Sea at coordinates 25.6 ° N and 133.8 ° E Maximum winds at the center of the typhoon of 18 m / s, the radius of strong winds of about 500 km, wave height 4-5 meters.

In the next day, September 16, typhoon «ROKE» will shift to the west, north-west at a speed of 25-30 km / h. On Sunday morning «ROKE» will be released in around 27 ° N. and 128 ° E. In the area of influence of the typhoon will fall to the southern islands of Japan (Okinawa and Amami).

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