To evict mice from the islands of New Zealand wants to raise $ 1 million

Environmentalists hope to collect more than a million dollars to eliminate the rodents that destroy the unique nature at close to Antarctica New Zealand's Antipodes, says environmental departments of the country.

Antipodes included in UNESCO world heritage and are a place of rest during long migrations of sea birds. In addition, nine species of animals living on the islands are unique and not found in other places, for example, one type of snipe and parrots. Only on the Antipodes Islands and the nearby Bounty, there are large colonies of a Red crested penguin.

"Mice were on the island at the beginning of the last century, along with the ships of discovery. Currently, however, bred rodents ruin masonry rare birds, kill chicks and destroy plants and insects. Department of Conservation New Zealand (DOC) supports the project" A million dollars anti-mouse company, "organized by the" green "organizations of New Zealand, and is going to help in its implementation," — said the agency.

In addition to DOC, in a project to combat rodents involved the World Wildlife Fund (WWF), the Fund Morgan (the Morgan Foundation) and other international environmental organizations.

Antipodes is a small archipelago, which consists of two large islands, an area of twenty and two square kilometers, as well as a number of small islands and rocks.

Such an operation for the removal of rodents was carried out from 2009 to 2011 by British scientists on the islands of Henderson, Palmyra and Phoenix in the Pacific Ocean at a cost of $ 2.3 million.

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