To the Czech Republic hit by several tornadoes

Tornado.  Photo:

PRAGUE, June 23. Several tornadoes hit in the Czech Republic. According to ITAR-TASS, in particular, tornadoes swept in the Pardubice Region in the east. The greatest damage from the elements were residents of the settlements Stare Esenchani, Mikulovitse, cronyism and Groubovitse.

According to the data of the emergency services in the town Stare Chivitse from several houses were blown away. Experts believe that the tornadoes were caused by unstable weather.

Add that in June there is a significant temperature drop and frequent storms.

As reported by "Rosbalt", the other day two powerful tornado hit and New Zealand. Element damaged nearly 20 office buildings and as many houses in New Zealand. Hardest hit city of New Plymouth, 250 kilometers from the capital.

Local authorities said that the city center has suffered significant losses as a result of the incident but the dead and wounded there.

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