Today — sentenced Andrei Bondarenko

March 22 Minsk court sentenced circle entrepreneur and a member of the United Civil Party Andrei Bondarenko. He is accused of economic crimes, but relatives and politicians call the case of Andrei Bondarenko politically motivated.

Businessman and member of the UCP Andrey Bondarenko served two years in prison. Previously, he was found guilty of theft and fraud. For this time his case was reviewed twice. And on March 22 will be announced the verdict on the third consideration. According to a member of the UCP Anna Krasulina:

"This, again, the trial court after the Supreme Court issued a protest, and the Presidium of the Minsk City Court this protest took the previous sentence. And now the Minsk City Court considered the case as the court of first instance, but in fact this is the third review. But thus again can be to protest. "

In 2008, Andrei Bondarenko ran for the House of Representatives, but the parliament has not got. Bondarenko tried to challenge the election results, and ended up in jail for 6 years.

Father entrepreneur Valeri Bondarenko does not believe that his son was to blame, and that the courts were fair to him, "What is justice? This is absurd. The prosecutor in the first trial the prosecution read out the same as now. In the first trial, he asked for nine years, and on this court — for the same thing — for six. Although it would be — what is the justice? Did not ask a single question during the entire trial, but suddenly changed his story — not theft and fraud — horrible. "

Revenge for active citizenship conclusion Andrei Bondarenko, deputy chairman of the United Civil Party calls Lev Margolin"This is a matter I can not comment on as a politician and as an economist. If a person put up charges if he did not have any right to operate the business — was neither a leader nor a chief accountant, that is nonsense. So I think this is a politically motivated case, which arose after Andrew took part in the parliamentary elections. "

When Andrei Bondarenko was behind bars, his daughter was 6 months old. Now the girl was 2.5 years.

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