Tornado destroyed hundreds of homes in the U.S.

Strong tornado swept through several states of America. In Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia, North and South Carolina, destroyed hundreds of homes, killing at least six people. Local authorities have reported dozens of casualties.
According to local authorities, three people were killed in South Carolina when a tornado swept through the town near Rock Hill. In Georgia, as a result of falling tree killed the driver of the car, one child and one adult victims of tornadoes in North Carolina.
Tornado uprooting of centuries-old trees and poles, lifted into the air car and vans, thousands were left without electricity and communication
Contributed to the formation of stormy weather, a cold front from the Gulf of Mexico, passing through the south-eastern United States. According to the Meteorological Service of the United States in the next few days in the region will remain a danger of tornado.Krome, in the southern states are expected powerful thunderstorms and wind storms. Each year in the United States are victims of a tornado about 100 people.

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