Tornadoes in Oklahoma and Missouri: 135 dead, more than a thousand missing


May 24 several new tornadoes hit the U.S. Midwestern states. In the western part of Oklahoma strongest tornadoes covered the distance of about 65 miles, and its main impact they have caused the administrative center of Oklahoma City. Elements led to the deaths of five people and 60 wounded. Medical condition of the three victims is estimated as critical.

Only because of the element of time to warn a few hours before a tornado raging, managed to avoid large-scale loss of life. For comparison, in a dilapidated Joplin, Missouri residents have warned sirens for 17 minutes before the disaster, but accustomed to tornadoes people ignored the warning, which led to the death of over 130 people in the city.

Now Joplin Debris clearing and search for people. Managed over the past day to extract only 17 people alive. As mentioned above, the number of victims has reached 130 people. Mayor Michael Rohr said that about a thousand residents were missing. Rescue operations are underway in difficult weather conditions, meteorologists predict the emergence of new tornadoes.


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