Tourist in Australia hands pulled approached the shore shark

Tourist from Wales was able to ward off the threat of bathers on a beach in Australia of people, arms pulled him from the shores of the shark, reports on Monday, BBC broadcaster BBC.

The incident took place on the beach Balkok Beach (Bulcock Beach) in the tourist town of Caloundra (Caloundra), located in the south-east Queensland. Heroic act of 62 years Welshman Paul Marshalsea (Paul Marshallsea) was captured crew of one of the local TV stations, which carried out shooting near the site of the accident.

In the words of the Marshalsea, vacationing with family and friends near the water, he ran towards the sea, when he heard the screams of tourists who saw the shark. Noting that marine predator approaching the place where small children splashing, he grabbed the shark's tail and tried to expand it by means of the opposite side of the coast.

While tourist "fought" with an almost two-meter shark, she tried to grab his leg, but the time to react to the Marshalsea. "Shark in the blink of an eye almost bit off my leg, it happened so fast," — quoted BBC BBC Welsh word, which, however, noted the beauty and grace of the sea predator.

Know of at least six cases, when the dark sharks, one of which had to deal with the Marshalsea, attacking swimmers and boats off the coast of Australia, reports the BBC BBC. In this case, one person was killed.

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