Tours in Hinterglemm, Austria

If you are a fan of skiing, you know that in our country yet there are very few places where you can indulge in their favorite pastime. That is why every set of the Russian fans of the sport become quite expensive trips to foreign winter resorts. But it turns out that doing this is not necessary, since such trips can be organized without assistance. Get a visa (if necessary), to make booking hotels around the world or to order tickets is not a problem, and when to do it yourself, you can significantly reduce the cost of your trip. So if you decide to go, for example, the Austrian ski resort of Hinterglemm, it makes sense to do so.

As is well known, while in the Alpine republic Russians without a visa are not allowed, and therefore, preparing for a trip, the first thing is to get it. To do this, go to one of the country's consulates in Moscow, St. Petersburg and Yekaterinburg. Practice shows that the incidence of failures in the Austrian visa are rare, and if all the required documents are in order, you can get it pretty easily.

Next you need to decide how exactly you'll get to Hinterglemm. This town is located in the state of Salzburg, and next to it the most airports are located in the capital and Innsbruck. Therefore many Russian skiers reach the outskirts of them with a stopover in Vienna, and then followed to their destination by bus or hire car.

Essentially Hinterglemm with another settlement, Saalbach, constitute a single integrated resort and ski area in general. Total length there is about two hundred miles, and half of them is in the middle grade. At the same time the resort has some difficult slopes for professionals, which regularly hosts World Cup alpine skiing.

It traces the beginnings of Hinterglemm is a total of sixty one lift, and the capacity of these devices is that even with a very large influx of skiers queues to them are almost never occurs. Ski pass for six days, there is approximately one hundred and sixty euros for adults and half for less for children.

By the way, if you come by this Austrian resort with their heirs and successors, the basics of riding them gladly teach experienced instructors, who work in the schools located there. And they have experienced not only in skiing, snowboarding and, for employment in Hinterglemm, which also created excellent conditions.

At this resort, as well as at most of the other, it is possible to go, they say, light, that is, without taking with you ski equipment. The fact is that there are many points of his hire, and the most profitable of them in terms of price work directly with the hotels.

As for accommodation, in Hinterglemm has several very good hotels of varying degrees "star" (three to five). In this room are advised to book in advance, as it turns much cheaper than shooting them already on his arrival at the place.

If you not only want to go on other than the slopes, but also have a good rest after exercise, then Hinterglemm for this — one of the best places. To go there, online booking of air tickets to Austria best implement advance.


also best done in advance because during the "high season" is very hard to buy them at a really affordable price.

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