Transbaikalia asks DG accelerate the adoption of the law on the treatment of animals

 Legislative Assembly has asked the Transbaikal State Duma deputies to accelerate the adoption of the Federal Law "About responsible treatment of animals", citing the fact that with the constant increase in the number of homeless animals attacks on people handling matters not regulated, said on Thursday the Parliament.

The draft federal law "On the responsible treatment of animals" passed by the Parliament in the first reading in March 2011. Under the bill, the owner of the animal will be legally responsible for his fate, as well as for the harm that his pet might cause to others. Pet owners will be required to take measures to prevent their animals causing harm to life and health of citizens and property of citizens.

For dangerous breeds of dogs, a list which is also present in the bill, registered special requirements. Pet owner, in accordance with the law, can not just get rid of it — will have to take your pet to a shelter. Also provides criminal penalties for cruelty to animals and organizing dog and cockfights.

"Appropriate action was taken yesterday (Wednesday) at the plenary session of the Legislative Assembly. Was noted that consideration of the bill was delayed. At the same regions in the field of animal develops extremely contradictory jurisprudence. Most of the subjects of the Russian Federation there is no clear division of powers of public authorities and bodies local government. Existing problems in each region are solved differently, "- said in a statement.

The appeal noted that in the Trans-Baikal region growing number of people attacked by stray animals, the number of cases of rabies in cats and dogs. MPs believe that the law will solve the problems existing in the sphere of capture, detention and disposal of animals.

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