Transportation of Dangerous Goods: playing with fire

A separate article in the global environmental policy is the carriage of dangerous goods. Handling flammable liquids, explosive and radioactive materials have resulted in a complex system of classification, which include not only the types of goods and means of transport on which they have to carry.

Dangerous goods are:
Compressed liquefied gases under pressure;
And spontaneously igniting flammable substances;
Infectious substances;
Radioactive materials and substances;
Caustic and corrosive materials and substances;
Other dangerous objects and materials.

Rules on the transport of dangerous goods by road
Self transportation of toxic, radioactive, explosive and flammable objects and materials is allowed only if the carrier have the skills to deal with those items and materials. In addition, it requires a lot of correlation with the MIA and execution of a number of documents. In practice, it takes a lot of time and effort.

The transport of dangerous goods and materials route previously agreed with the traffic police. The route should pass away from schools, kindergartens, hospitals, recreation areas and other crowded places. In some instances special marking of the vehicle. When dangerous goods over long distances are special rules refueling avtomobilya.Pravila transport of dangerous goods also regulate the operation of loading and unloading of vehicles.

Services for transportation of dangerous goods
Transport of dangerous goods is a specialized service number of authorized carriers. Specialists as to their own special rules of access to different types of goods and substances, and have extensive experience of such shipments. Contacting one of these companies guarantee safe shipping with all necessary approvals.

In St. Petersburg, dangerous goods are carried by the Institute of Applied Ecology. Transportation involves the use of specialized vehicles — tanks, trucks and specially equipped vehicles.

Loading and transportation in strict accordance with the rules of transportation by Russian law and international rules of transportation of dangerous goods.

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