TV look — all is well in the country. Do they not go to the shops?

Summer is in full swing, a new crop ripens. Or available in the market berries, fruits, vegetables for most people? Inna Studinskaya studied prices Komarovka and listen to the views of Minsk residents.

Reporter"In the main market of the capital — Komarovka — has it all. Please visit the ranks, where they sell the potatoes. "

Guy"I Samokhvalovichy, Minsk district. 3500 — this is not such a high price. Can you compare the package of buckwheat is 22 million, the same pasta, which is made of plain flour. So that the potatoes are not at the highest point on the price. This year, with the cost of fuel per liter 5000 wait at all, that the potatoes will be "off scale."

Reporter"Here's your neighbor over the counter says that the potato is a" golden "…

Mrs."Yes, it's gold, because diesel fuel is very expensive. To handle the potatoes, it should be five times the tractor, and the tractor as needed refueling! Expensive cars dressed with cheap fuel, and diesel fuel is very expensive. "

Grandmother"You know, potatoes are still so-so, but buckwheat, millet is very expensive. Vinegar has become more expensive than vodka. So it would be better raised vodka in half, and not everything else … "

Reporter"From the shelves with potatoes go to the counter, where vegetables are sold. Beet young — 18000, zucchini — 10000, -11000 tomatoes, onions — 7, carrots Ukrainian — 10, cucumbers Pinsk — 6500. Herbs: parsley, 100 grams — 5000, cilantro — 3000, dill — 2,5 thousand. Well, here are stalls selling strawberries. Here, the flavor just captures the spirit. Average prices — 13-14 thousand per kilogram. Guys, do you grow berries? . "

Vinegar has become more expensive than vodka.

Youth"No, my parents are grown in Luninets, we only sell. Take strawberries, fresh, sweet! Here buyers …".

Reporter"How do you think these prices are normal in high season? '.

Woman"Too much. Strawberries have to cost thousands of 8 ".

Old woman"On the price and say nothing. All in shock! . "

Reporter"But you are buying strawberries …".

Old woman"So it is necessary granddaughter. Not for myself, for myself berries and fruits do not buy. "

Reporter"It seems to be retired recently raised …".

Grandmother"Not to the same extent as prices soared.

When we retired we buy meat — once you buy, and then a month going hungry.

Woman"Wages are not growing unbearable to live, so hard, the horror."

Mrs."Do not tell us specifically about the strawberries. Look for cucumbers, tomatoes on — the prices are astronomical. Honestly, I support the people who come to the area. "

Woman"TV look — it seems that all is well. Do they not go to the stores to the same market? . "

Reporter"I see that your hands are, so to speak, come off — bought products for at least a week? '.

Grandmother"With the pension buy once on all the time, even once a month to eat tomatoes, cucumber. It was all very expensive. If a small pension — live now impossible. It is very difficult. You see, two loaves of bread took, bagel and Tomatoes — just try. "

Reporter"By the meat counters of income? '.

Grandmother"No, we do not go there. When we retired we buy meat — once you buy, and then a month going hungry. Looking to buy that cheap."

I for myself berries and fruits do not buy it.

Woman"30,000 gave — bought two kilos of strawberries children."

Reporter"And they themselves can not afford grapes? '.

Woman"And I myself can not eat 3-4 berries, that's all. I have three children. "

Reporter"Well, how do prices on the market? '.

Woman"Very expensive. Prices are high. Our salaries do not grow up to these prices. "


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