Two new active typhoon in the Pacific Ocean

Intensified typhoon activity. The night of 24 August in the southern latitudes came eleventh in this year's typhoon "NANMADOL". This morning, he, with central pressure 945 hPa was located in the Philippine Sea, at coordinates 16.4 ° N and 124 ° E. In the area of influence of the typhoon hit the island of Luzon. Here come the heavy rains on the coast in high winds. Maximum winds at the center of the typhoon reaches 45 m / s, the radius of gale force winds — about 140 km, the wave height of 5-6 meters, reports

The weekend typhoon "NANMADOL" will shift to the northwest at a speed of 20 km / h, and on Monday night will come to the island of Taiwan.

Yesterday, in the north-western Pacific Ocean was born another typhoon. Twelfth this year, he was named "TALAS". This morning, the typhoon was located in the north of the Philippine Sea at coordinates 20.5 ° N and 139.7 °. Central pressure of 990 hPa, maximum wind reaches 25 m / s. In the coming days the typhoon "TALAS", gaining power, will continue its journey to the north, north-west. It will be a serious threat for the opposing ships.

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