Typhoon Sunbeam become second supertyphoon this season

Typhoon "Sunbeam", which arose on September 10 in the Philippines, is rapidly gaining strength and may soon become a supertyphoon — the second this season poslesupertayfuna "Bolaven", it is possible that it may affect the Russian Far East, according to the Russian Hydrometeorological Center.

Typhoon "Sunbeam" became the 16th typhoon of the season in the northwest Pacific Ocean. According to the center of tracking and forecasting of typhoons in Tokyo, at 10.00 MSK 13 September the maximum wind speed at its center was 50 meters per second, with gusts up to 70 meters in a second. "Sunbeam" is already on the verge of becoming a supertyphoon — in this class typhoons pass when the maximum wind speed in them is 51 meters per second.

"Typhoon is shifted to the north-northwest at 15 kilometers per hour towards the East China Sea." Sunbeam "continues to intensify. Expected by September 15, it reaches the stage of supertyphoon. Maximum wind speed will increase up to 55 meters per second, gusts — up to 75 meters per second, "- said in a statement.

Meteorologists say that "Sunbeam" roughly follows the path of supertyphoon "Bolaven", 16 August, he will be the southern Japanese island, and August 17-18, possible exit "Sunbeam" in the Yellow Sea and its impact on the Korean Peninsula and northeastern China.

"In this case, the ex-" Sunbeam "can have an impact and to the south of the Far East of Russia", — said the weather center.

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