U.S. ordered to Afghanistan Party Mi-17 is 30 units, more than ever!

Previously, the site has a article, saying that at the show at Le Bourget U.S. ordered new helicopters for the Air Force in Afghanistan. We now know that the new order by the number of helicopters, more than the previous one and a half times!

The cost of an option contract for the supply of 30 Russian Mi-17 helicopters to Afghanistan amounted to 572.18 million U.S. dollars, reported the Ministry of Defense. However, it is known that the amount of the previous contract for 900 million dollars actually helicopters were only 367.5 million, and the rest — parts and services, so you can count that the real value of the contract over time will increase. In a press release issued at the Air Show "Le Bourget 2013", states that fixed-price contract for delivery of 30 helicopters, spare parts, test equipment, and the provision of services.

Russian helicopters will be used by special forces air wings of national security in Afghanistan to combat terrorism, drug trafficking, and to perform special operations.

All work related to the construction and equipment of helicopters will be held on the territory of Russia and should be completed by December 31, 2014, the agency ARMS-TASS. Funds allocated for the financing of the contract by the Pentagon in the framework of the military budget of fiscal year 2012. Monitoring the performance of the contract is assigned to Redstone Arsenal (g.Hantsvill, Alabama).

As previously announced at the show in Le Bourget deputy head of "Rosoboronexport" Alexander Mikheyev, Russia will supply Afghanistan under contract with the United States an additional 30 Mi-17 helicopters. In this case, the deputy head of "Rosoboronexport" does not mention the cost and terms of the contract.

"It was recently signed an option contract for the supply of 30 Mi-17 helicopters for the Afghan army," — he said.

In 2010 Russia and NATO agreed to purchase the alliance in Afghanistan 21 modernized the Russian Mi-17 helicopters, which have been designed specifically for actions in Afghanistan. To date, the delivery of these helicopters have been completed. Last year, the Russian Federation began operating center for the training of Afghan technicians to service the helicopters.

In April of this year, following a meeting of the Russia-NATO launched the second phase of the implementation of the "helicopter package" for Afghanistan.

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