UFO encounters and the places in which they were seen

Despite the fact that the UFO is everywhere, there are areas where they watch most often — so-called "window". These "windows" are available in the United States (Texas, Florida, north-west Pacific, the Hudson Valley), in Australia (Cairns in Queensland, Kempsey in New South Wales, the Nullarbor Plain, Bass Strait), Japan (Hokkaido), France , the United Kingdom, the Gulf of Luz [Scotland] Dayred [Wales], Pennines and Warminster [Wiltshire] and in Brazil, Argentina, Italy, Spain, Norway, Malaysia, Puerto Rico and the Canary Islands. (In Africa, the "window" is not fixed) Also, in some periods of UFO reports come more "waves" [Eng. flaps], than in others.

In the USA, the "window" acted in 1947, 1950, 1952, 1965, 1967, and in 1973 in Japan — in 1958, the Soviet Union — in 1962 and in 1977-1978. etc. There is regularity in sparsely populated areas are more frequent UFO. There is no consensus on the "windows". Some researchers tend to be seen as the causes of "waves" of UFO reports increased brightness of a celestial object in a given period, such as Mars.

There are opinions that the "wave" of such communications occur in states undergoing some difficulties. (For example, a surge in reports of "flying saucers" in the late 1940s. Explain some of the "cold war.") Some people believe that public fascination with new science fiction (eg, movies) stimulate the emergence of stories about UFO sightings. Sometimes referred to the observation of astronomers from Earth unidentified to date objects in space. The articles "a darkened sun" and "Baptist" black cloud "" (Alex Arkhipov), which were published in the "technician — Youth" in 1983 (№ 12) are chosen such cases. "Ennyuol Redzhista" for 1766, Volume 9, contains a "Report on a very strange phenomenon, he has seen on the Sun":

August 9, 1762 de Rostand, measuring the height of the sun … quadrant in Lausanne … noticed that it gives the weak and pale light … Pointing chetyrnadtsatifutovy telescope, equipped with a micrometer, the Sun, he was surprised to find that its eastern edge is closed … nebula that surrounded a dark body. After about two and a half hours the southern part of the body above the limb broke away from the sun, but the north side of the body, which took the shape of a spindle width of about three solar and nine fingers in length, did not release the solar limb.

This spindle retains its shape, moving across the disk of the sun from east to west at a speed of not more than half the speed of the conventional solar spots, as long as there has not disappeared on September 7 after reaching the western limb star. Rostand was watching almost every day for a month, through a pinhole camera determines the shape and size of the body … A similar phenomenon was observed on the Sun and the Bishopric of Basel …

Coast, one de Rostand, using odinnadtsatifutovym telescope, found a similar spindle-shaped body, like de Rostan, not so broad that it could probably be due to increase and rotation of the body near the limit of visibility. More remarkable is the fact that the position of the body on the sun is not out of line with that observed in Lausanne: the body, therefore, had a significant parallax … This is not a spot: his movement was much slower, as the object was not a planet or a comet: its shape proves the opposite.

July 29, 1878, two astronomers Lewis Swift, director of the observatory Warner, and James Watson, director of the Observatory of the University of Michigan — were in the U.S. at a distance of 185 miles from each other monitor total solar eclipse. During the observation, they noticed the sun near two unknown red object size slightly smaller than Mercury, astronomers have suggested that discovered a new planet in the solar system. A certain Dr. Peters rejected the possibility of discovering new planets, stating that Swift and Watson, or watch the stars, or observed anything. Astronomer Morris Jessup, repeating the analysis of Peters, came to the conclusion that the subject is 2000 — 20,000 miles from Earth, that more and more remote from the object reaches a diameter of more than 1.5 miles and less — 90% less than it. There have also been reports of UFO sightings in outer space astronauts or filming UFO produced by artificial satellites. So in June 1965, committing the 20th round in Earth orbit spacecraft "Gemini 4" astronaut James Makdavitt watched through the window of an unidentified object which "long arms sticking out." Makdayvitt photographed it, but after the developer could not find the picture.

Many reports of UFO sightings are not accurate, they can not specify the exact date, place, object characteristics. Get a witness as much information about the incident — a task ufologist. Often the description of witnesses may start with their personal views about the nature of UFOs. (Ufologist Jenny Rendels leads phrase eyewitness who was asked: "Maybe this is the cloud?" Replied: "Yes, I know what it looked like, but I think it was a UFO disguised as a cloud"). That is why the UFO least valued single eyewitness testimony is not supported by the testimony of any other witnesses or photographs. Ufologists recommend if UFO sightings, if possible, first of all to draw attention to other people and UFO photograph him, remember the location. Considered the most reliable evidence of pilots and scientists.

When dealing with UFOs and after them in some individuals may appear burned, they may suffer from nausea, headache. In a particularly close contacts (see "Classification of contacts with UFOs") of the witnesses appeared depressed, disturbed orientation in space, is an increased excitability. UFO observed at Los Alamos (USA) for a few days before the first test explosion of the atomic bomb near the laboratory building, where the work was carried out on the bomb, alarmed the military, and they were requested by the fighters. Fortunately, one of the employees was an astronomer by training. He said the attendant, "No one fighter will not succeed to bring down Venus." A wave of UFO accounts for the year 1947, many witnesses saw in the sky a large ball of light. In one of the books on UFOs described another case of observation of an unidentified flying object:

"Night of the highway in the sky appeared as if floating red lights. They moved toward the field and fell to the ground. Could be considered an object as tall as a three-story house, which moved above the other lights, sometimes descending to the main subject.".

Many cases of UFO sightings reported in 1952 in the states of New Mexico, Montana, Missouri and Georgia. When one of these unidentified flying object crashed in the New Mexico, the witnesses saw the remains were moved and hidden at the air base in Roswell. After this incident, there were rumors that the disposal of the military are the remains of a UFO and alien bodies. Officials of the Roswell incident was explained in the following way. The military tested the probe, which was designed to capture the signals of Soviet nuclear tests.

After the start of the test tube away from the radar, but the military did not find him, because he is not the material value represented. After the probe was found on a farmer's field, and there were rumors about him, the military came and banned to anyone approaching the subject. This is explained by the fact that the project has been kept secret probe. All debris was collected and taken to a military base. Also, the UFO seen in the Soviet Union, and one secret summary worried NATO said on several UFO pass at an altitude of 30 km over Western Europe from the Soviet Union.

In the literature about UFOs featured case that gave rise to a great wave of sensational reports in the British press about seeing a UFO flying in the direction of London November 2, 1953. The object was discovered by the British Air Force. In 1967 and 1969 the U.S. press again, there were reports that the military hide UFOs, the remains of which were loaded, according to witnesses, by helicopter and taken to the crash site.

In some cases, UFO sightings, enthusiasts have noted increased levels of radiation in the field of observation. Quite a seemingly intractable explanation reports have appeared in the 60s in the press. It said: 'UFO attack on a military plane, separated from the large mother ship, which immediately leapt up with incredible speed and disappeared. " However, all of these cases occurring in unidentified flying objects are actually objects of earthly nature, created in secret project "Mogul", "sky hooks», WS-119L («Gopher") and "Grab Bag." The CIA has launched a huge balloons with automatic intelligence apparatus.

Balloons were inflated with helium and reaches a height of 130 meters. Lit up in the sky the sun, a ball could produce a lot of sensationalism. In the above quotation from the book about UFOs, the observer saw the balloon ("object with a height of three stories"), equipped with a flashing light really accompanied by three helicopters ("other lights, sometimes descending to the main object"). When these balls are broken, secret equipment were taken away from the public eye, this is what has given rise to rumors about the military stored the remains of alien ships.

Post NATO headquarters treat balls launched under the same programs from Alaska to the Soviet territory. UFO, so vzbalamutivshy British press and the British Air Force, was an experimental balloon, launched from Alamogordo, October 27, 1953. British intelligence found out what it was, but the press did not report on this. Flashes of light observed in the 50-60s in the skies over the United States also made balloons (altimeter were tested for cruise missiles). The "Grab Bag" was designed to search the stratosphere radioactive traces of nuclear tests and the production of plutonium in the Soviet Union (stratospheric air is pumped into cylinders powerful pump, a mysterious noise which also generated a lot of questions), and when the radioactive samples fell to the ground, enthusiasts celebrated elevated levels of radiation.

The most mysterious case, as is explained in the "Grab Bag." At some point the ball down from a height of 20-30 kilometers to one or two and dropped by parachute equipment, and flight intercept its spy plane ("UFO attack on a military plane"), balloon, freed from the burden, soared into the air, and somewhere in stratosphere bursting ("separated from a huge mother ship, which immediately leapt up with incredible speed and disappeared"). The program was so secret that the military could not even report it to the local authorities, which are being tested.

In all these cases, the authorities only encouraged hysteria about "flying saucers", with the expectation that the Soviet Union will not pay much attention to the appearance of a UFO, because like mentioned in the U.S. and did not bring them any harm.

Several UFO reports were the result of a joke Georgy Grechko, "When we came to visit the other astronauts, I had the idea to play. If a person was frightened, and you have to scare the other. I tapped the porthole, and flew off eight grains. It was just before sunrise: the sky is red, and so on "plates" appeared red glow. beckon guests and showed them the "UFO", saying that now they are not dangerous — haunt us, but do not attack. "

After the astronauts return to Earth immediately reported the UFO seen. The following is a variant of classification reports of contact with UFOs proposed ufologist Allen Hynek. Contacts over long distances. This is the name of observation, when the UFO eyewitness and share "hundreds of miles and miles." Among them are distinguished:

1. "Night Lights. Clearly visible, clearly defined fires of unknown origin, usually red, orange or white. This group includes the lion's share of UFO sightings over long distances. "

2. "Daytime drives. This is seen in the daytime objects, usually oval or disc-shaped, metallic in appearance. Their record high in the sky close to the ground and are often able to see a still hovering. Afternoon drive mogug instantly gain tremendous speed. "

3. "Radar" spikes "on the radar screen, especially coinciding with the visual tracking of UFOs, are considered highly valuable evidence reality of the observed objects."

Close Encounters

Close contact is called UFO encounters' within two hundred meters. " They are:

1. "Contacts of the first kind (English CE-1). UFO seen in the air and on the impression, do not interact with the environment, animals and witnesses. "

2. "Contacts of the second kind (English CE-2). In these cases, the interaction is recorded UFO with the environment in the form of interference with electronic devices, turn off the ignition systems on vehicles, the appearance of fingerprints or traces on the ground scorched by fire. " Noting that some CE-2 are among the major highways. [3]

3. "Contacts of the third kind (English CE-3). In this subgroup, there are reports hypothetical inhabitants of UFOs — more or less human-like creatures called now humanoids enlonavtami … Usually they do not come into direct contact with or in talks with witnesses, but in recent years, reports of inexplicable temporary detention enlonavtami careless witnesses to " medical "examination."

We know that among UFO researchers were also scientists, even with scientific degrees, eg, Allen Hynek, and Donald Menzel were professors of astronomy (Hynek of the University of Ohio, Menzel — Harvard University). However, most scientists still do not recognize the possibility of flying objects yet unknown nature — UFOs. A. Hynek in his book "UFOs: The attempt of a scientific approach," cites the case: "One summer evening in 1968 in Victoria (British Columbia) held a reception on the occasion of the Astronomical Symposium.

The large restaurant has gathered more than one hundred astronomers from around the world. Suddenly, a man came into the room and announced that he appeared in the sky UFOs. Easy laugh was on the tables, but quickly died down and people went back to their conversations. None of the scientists went out to see for the mysterious phenomenon of nature! ". Hynek continues: There are two types of scientists who deny the UFO.

The first are scoffers who do not even attempt to deal with some specific cases, observation of the phenomenon.

The second type of scientists are inclined to accept the reality check after a UFO, but only as a purely psychological phenomenon. The position of the second group of scientists still deserves attention, since they have the materials for discussion. The views of the first group, in contrast, do not stimulate the debate, because, in her opinion, if there is no phenomenon, there is no discussion of the subject!

Among the possible reasons that science investigates unidentified flying objects, can be identified:

* It is impossible to predict the location where the UFO, which makes it difficult to learn;
* Small quantities of quality UFO literature, coupled with an abundance of media and occult literature on the subject;
* Lack of understanding of the difference between scientists and UFO ARD;
* Prevalence parascientific hypotheses to explain the origin of the UFO;
* Interest in ufology by religious fanatics and people with mental disorders.

In "modern myth of the" heavenly signs "" Carl Jung in the 1950s, said that the reality surrounding the man to bring on the projection of the collective unconscious. Latter is trying to make one-sided development of consciousness (eg, excessive rationality in our time or ignoring anything that is not related to the belief in the old days), and projected onto the celestial space, if a long look at it, the images of gleaming machines (our age), or the shining angels (the past). Thus the collective unconscious uses numinous representation for attract individuals to finding harmony consciousness and unconsciousness.

Related to each other religious and UFO-vision can be seen to several individuals: the collective unconscious to find a way out of their images and symbols through a few select people … In many sacred religious book tells about unidentified flying objects. Some ufologists say that this is what caused some religious teachings actively contributed to the UFO. For example, the much-talked-about America 1960 book by John Keel, "UFOs: Operation" Trojan horse "" (English «UFO: operation 'Troyan horse'») describes:

* Winged creatures flying out of round flying objects, unidentified flying objects of healing and prophecy received from UFOs, which later came true, such cases are characterized by antiquity, XIX and XX centuries.

* Ultrasuschestva that caused the heavenly vision of old, encouraged people to create religions, inspired and sacred knowledge passed. In the old days ultrasuschestva supported people's faith in God, this very day, when God went out of fashion, they nourish faith in the "space brothers" — helpers of humanity.

Indeed, since the D. Fry began to appear religious UFO cults around people who say that they receive directly from the secret knowledge of unidentified flying objects. In most of these cults observed conviction will soon be available a large number of UFO sightings. The most famous of these was the so-called Raelianskoe movement that emerged in France. Named in honor of Claude Rael or Vorilona — journalist, who claimed that he had met with UFO December 13, 1973 and repeatedly communicated with the beings whose appearance is connected with it.

Vorilon said that visited their home planet, he was allegedly told that the human race was created by them. Ufologist Jacques Vallee analyzes religious miracles XIX (vision of "God" in Noke, Ireland, in 1852) and XX centuries (Fatima visions) in the book "Cool World" and finds in them a lot of similarities with the UFO phenomena. Valle suspects that religious experiences with UFO contactees are the result of an unknown impact on the human psyche. Manifestations that accompany religious visions, often coincide with phenomena peculiar appearance of UFOs. With all the skepticism with which most scientists and laypersons are UFOs. In the U.S. Army, and later in the army of the Soviet Union, there were special rules of action, if found AAYA (abnormal weather conditions — so called in military UFO documents).

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