UFO is also a danger of contact

The main feature of the UFO is that no matter how much it flies, and sit down. At the landing site from time to time there are people who are often — animals, and almost always — the plants. Numerous cases studies have shown that a mysterious radiation engines spacecraft has had a devastating effect on terrestrial life forms, inhibiting their growth, leading to illness and even death.

Reports of human contact with the UFO and humanoids are increasing. Increases the number of visits to the so-called "anomalnyhzon." In connection with this highly topical issue of compliance is appropriate "safety." After all, as a rule, in case of contact with a UFO person is exposed to unknown form of energy, sometimes with tragic results. One may think, for example, the cause of death of researchers and experts in the UFO, which spent much time in the field planting. As a result of biomedical research found that people who somehow have come into contact with a UFO, or humanoid, some or all selected (pick up, pumped) bioenergy. Without replenishment own bioenergy people die or seriously ill.

When extrasensory examination of such patients identified as cases of "change" in the body of the witness of his own bio on the "strange" energy. Currently, as a result of contacts with UFOs are the following disease.

EMOTIONAL Psychological disorders ™

They are associated with a feeling of fear, which occurs suddenly and is variable in duration and intensity — the unpleasant foreboding to panic.

In women, adolescents, emotional, and not having a good moral and psychological training, emotional and psychological disorders deeper. The fear seems to have a protective function, preventing the body of danger (including the invasion of other forms of energy), and slows down thinking. Feelings of horror can make a person immobile. Freeze in a deep trance, like a bird near the snake crawls, can any of us. Sometimes it is the legacy of ancient ancestors, inherited from the man millions of years of evolution, it saves lives and health. Fortunately, one is able to be afraid. But fear, in contact with the aliens marked discomfort, anxiety, depression.

Functional disorders of the body

Expressed headache, fatigue, drowsiness, nausea, fainting. Characteristic symptom of approaching a UFO or its crew is headache. Feel it, you should immediately get away, if possible, determine the source of exposure.


Dowsing or after sampling (especially bitumopodobnogo substances frequently encountered in the field landings) can occur severe intractable dermatitis.

Captain Denis M. Chobot irradiated green beam from a UFO in 1988 under the Abakan, died of the disease tissue-like athlete's foot.

However, in origin a skin disease was not fungus, although it strongly resembles. It is unknown how the body can react earth in contact with a foreign substance.


Increased content of calcium in the blood. Perhaps elevated levels of prothrombin, exceeding postulated, resulting in possible thrombosis and blood clotting (gipertrombineya, actually — a rare disease). When working on some places there was a sharp landings (in 3000 units) a decrease in the white blood cell count.


There have been times when unexpected ("accidental") contact with a UFO and humanoids who use psychotronic influence or nerve weapons ("lamp", "pipe", "comb"). A person does not feel anything, but can not move a finger, while in other cases — is experiencing a rare or frequent tingling, even seizures. There is also the painful tingling all over, as if in a stiff leg. After the restoration of motility in man begins the breakdown, the severity of which depends on the state of health at the time of application of the "humane" weapons.


"Arizona fever" is registered in contacts with aliens and is one of the most dangerous diseases. It was first observed in the group of researchers Greater Arizona crater in the early XX century. Found that "the Arizona fever," do not get sick Indians and whites from the local community, often visiting the crater. It is often ill after exposure to bright green "traffic light" the light of the UFO. The disease begins on the 14th day after exposure. Suddenly and dramatically increases the temperature (up to 38-40 degrees). On the 3rd and 8th day has the highest peaks of temperatures, does not throw any medicines. On the 8th day the temperature can rise to 41 degrees or more, which, in turn, can result in heat shock and blood clotting. Death observed in more than half the cases. If the patient can withstand the crisis of the 8th day, the temperature drops to normal. Recover within two weeks.

PARTIAL MAI complete memory loss

In contactee normally occurs immediately. He is starting to confuse the sequence of events, to forget details, and then the essence of the plot of contact, especially the information. There are cases when the participants of the events say that no contact at all was not, although the photos taken by third parties, suggest otherwise. Memory can be restored using the deep, the so-called "somnabuliches-who" of hypnosis, but not everyone will agree to this.

And, in our army …

Many of these diseases have affected people who served with me in another Yar. I recall (the material that! Was number 5 "Anomalous News"), 112 in August 1989 near the landfill "Kapustin Yar" came the fall of UFOs. The cause of the accident was the use of ra-pektronnoy struggle. EW in the installation i did recently, that era were state of the art and is likely to cause a denial-board navigation UFOs. EW equipment used in all cases, the appearance of unidentified flying objects over the troops and Navy ships, but drops "cymbals" prior to 1989 did not cause. Around UFO crash was billed cordon. Soon the "flying saucer" taken out spetskonvoy arrived, and the fate of kapustinoyarskogo UFO unknown. With my own eyes I saw the "plate" s ^ only once, from a distance of about 3-4 meters. Closer approach failed through no fault of my circumstances. It turns out, I was lucky, because those who touched the body spacecraft, soon fell ill.

The symptoms I described above: headache, depressed mood, lethargy, loss of appetite. Among staff, standing in the cordon, there were several cases of long fainting and hallucinations. In the hospital, the doctors observed a change in the composition of blood, prolonged constipation, and so-called "night blindness" in normal conditions in the body caused by lack of vitamins. I do not know the details, but I can assume that the rank and file came close to a UFO and try to pull out some detail from the case "in memory" or leave an autograph. After a while all the officers, one way or another taken part in "Operation UFO", was given the opportunity through the human resources department to improve conditions of service. Many were sent to a spa treatment. It is for them was not excessive.


Experience of victims from harm UFO d ^ em the following safety rules that smolders point of observing, if you want to stay alive and healthy.

1. At a meeting with UFOs or humanoids in any case, do not approach them. It is better to be in a shelter, and monitor events only if necessary. If not, wait until the UFO or humanely-id does not disappear, and immediately leave the venue. Strongly recommended to come in contact UFO or humanoids. The incident must be reported immediately to the nearest police station.

2. In the case of the contacts in any case not to take actions that could be interpreted as an attempt to attack! These include movement in the swing, rack of boxing or martial arts, threats.

Impermissible use of weapons, for possible lightning response in the form of radiation impact or effect on the level of consciousness.

3. If, however, the decision to enter into conscious contact, you must hold the moral and psychological training, health check (required with a psychiatrist). During the contact, which can be lengthy and be regular, be sure to check the status of blood (CBC), and in case of deviation from the norm — immediately stop the study. This is especially true biolokatorschikov most often exposed to radiation on UFO landing sites.

4. If an attempt to alien abductions should overcome fear and at least mentally try to dissuade them from such actions. In any case not to accept the invitation to visit the UFO! Stories about visits on board the spacecraft, there are many, and the complete disappearance of cases — a thousand times more. After such contact makes sense to see a doctor.

5. If UFO emits visible rays, can not get into the zone of action. Particularly dangerous green light and bright "traffic light" light. To the problem, try to take it easy and not overwhelm the psyche of negative emotions. Do not be surprised humanoid appearance: it is not always the Earthling. Often humanized Noida described as managed biorobots issued UFOs. Biorobots are materialized forms-images of weightless material. They can penetrate through obstacles (walls, doors, windows), move without touching the ground. Abandoned to their subject passes through them without breaking the external form.

6. If the landing site is found bi-tumopodobnaya fluid or some unfamiliar objects to touch them with your hands is dangerous. It could be aliens wastes, toxic both for themselves and for their alien terrestrial organisms. In the slag output aliens are likely to contain symbiotic microorganisms them, deadly to humans. Thus, to the manifestations of UFOs and alien activity to be treated with caution. You can not say with confidence that they have in mind. They arrive at our beautiful Earth for corrupt purposes, the ultimate purpose of which is understandable only to them. Costly space flights have to pay for itself, at least in the long term. So that the interests we have with them is different. So, other people — dangerous!

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