UFOs and the reality of angels

There are two approaches to the UFO — paranoid-enthusiastic and critical skeptic. Well, there is the kvazibogoslovsky: my overseas colleague S. Rose claimed that UFOs are the demons … But acceptable for this issue may be only one way to solve, or even the natural sciences, engineering and the military.

Of the slogans of the communist period of Russian history: "From the safety — the safety technology."

Among the achievements of the last century was one engineering discipline, brilliant in its achievements, unusually important for humanity and surprisingly little known. Of the six billion people inhabiting the planet knows about it a few thousand, mostly in the U.S. and the former Soviet Union. But almost every one of these six gigazhizney depended on the success or failure of that same discipline.

Called it — to prevent unauthorized launch of nuclear weapons carriers. These boring words hidden finest, but I for reliable weight separating the nightmare of global holocaust, under the sign of which took place in a generation, from becoming a reality.

Of this discipline, little was known in the era of global confrontation. Now, when the terrorists are able to turn into lethal weapons civilian airliners, her secret is to shed light even less. But here it clear that it was with her, and only in its light can be solved the problem of UFO research, it is.

What is a UFO? Correctly, the abbreviation of words unidentified flying object. And who usually looks at flying objects? That's right, those who should be. And put it, first of all, defense services, and of closely interacting take off from air traffic control.

With identifiable flying object is clear. It is in the flight plan, he mutters the defendant of "friend or foe".

But an unidentified … He is often called an angel. Whether it is a flock of geese flying over the Bering Strait, or meteorological rocket, or sounding balloon. But perhaps the bomber with the deadly cargo, or the first rocket to an upstream attack on the headquarters of the …

Depends on the identity of an unidentified response. And the nature of these measures — among them after a full-scale missile attack — if not the very existence of the Earth's biosphere (matmodeli "nuclear winter" in practice, thank God, unchecked), then at least the fate of the largest cities and technological civilization, for sure.

Therefore, the amount of funding research on UFOs, serious research and nelipovyh "Majestic-12", the civilian scientists could easily "go off the roof." And dealing with these problems the best specialists of the most powerful countries.

As far as I know, their conclusions are in good agreement with the findings of serious civilian UFO researchers. Speaking of the wavelength range, which is available to the naked eye, the UFO — or a weather balloons, or the engines of the first stage, or the rays of the experimental laser projectors or archaic defense used, for example in studies of the stability of night vision devices for illumination.

Well researched UFOs angels in spectrum use radar. This is a reflection of clouds, including silver, tornadoes, tops of the waves. Incidentally, the last studied in such detail that the behavior of the Ukrainian authorities, which led to the death of the Russian ship of the S-200, other than despicable murder on the basis of criminal incompetence will not name.

But with lightning is worse. When you meet the claim that the UFO was not a fireball fireball because we know thoroughly, to advise you to immediately apply for a speaker to the Nobel Committee. Theory, this is quite common, as far as I know, no. Speculations about plasmoids — from area parascience.

The most amusing that the taxpayers were considered and the version of the extraterrestrial origin of UFOs. More broadly — in the era of the early space successes and enthusiasm for SETI is much narrower — in 1980. Volume exploration well to the evolution of views leading authority in this issue Joseph Samuilovich Shklovsky. That's opinion, not research, as to open the first extraterrestrial all formulas on the number of background Horner reasonable worlds in the galaxy is like counting angels on the edge of the cathedral. But the military engineers had no other way to assess the probability that the expert opinion and subjective in nature.

For readers of "CT", subject to "narrow" the specific journal, the greatest interest is the area of UFOs, which is associated with the artifacts of signal processing, today digital. The most effective methods are always on the edge of stability, and can always start producing where it is necessary to strengthen, the old saying goes radio operators. Today, these artifacts will be different than in the era of the Tu-95 and B-52. If the world is now threatened by global terrorism, you may need to track the movements and actions of the suspects methods for global control of information. Well, in this case too, "insightful" algorithms will adjust reality to the hypothesis, thus creating digital lieutenants Kije. And every zealous spectator "X-Files" known to man from nowhere — it's damn humanoid. So, being the UFO problem and evergreen, and always expensive.

"Computerra", Moscow,

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