United States pull together new powers to Iran

United States pull together new powers to Iran

Nuclear submarine naval forces of the United States America Annapolis and the destroyer Momsen, after passing through the Suez channel, entered the reddish sea.
With the passage of ships from the Mediterranean Sea to the reddish Suez Canal Authority had taken stringent security measures. Thus, the movement was halted ferries vehicles across the bridge over the Suez Canal, is also limited traffic on the highways that run along it.

The direction of the course submarines and destroyers, the U.S. Navy is not clear, but their appearance in the reddish sea has coincided with a period of strained relations between Tehran and Washington. The Iranian authorities have threatened to overlap the Strait of Hormuz, which is the main artery for the transportation of aqua Arab oil. After such statements in this region significantly increased the number of American naval force.

At this point in the Persian Gulf combat duty two U.S. carrier battle group led by the aircraft carriers Carl Vinson and Abraham Lincoln. It is expected that in March, the region will have one aircraft carrier Enterprise. South American side does not exclude the transfer Annapolis submarine and destroyer Momsen in the same region.

Many experts believe that the military operation of the United States America against the Republic of Iran is imminent. Washington has warned Tehran creation tools, which can destroy Iran's nuclear facilities. This is evidenced by the Pentagon's request, addressed to Congress about the urgent additional funds to increase the capacity of the most powerful bomb, which is called "destroyer of the bunkers."

But the South American military believes that she will not be able to kill Iran's underground nuclear plant. According to Pentagon chief Leon Panetta, Tehran can make nuclear weapon in one year, means of delivery — within 2-3 years. This timing for America and Israel are the "red line." Responding to a question about the likely use of in the same situation of force against Iranian republic, the head of the Pentagon stressed that no measures are excluded.

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