USS «BUSH» returned to base after fulfilling the «historic mission»

Nuclear strike aircraft carrier George HW Bush (CVN 77) U.S. Navy Nimitz class returned to the naval base in Norfolk on May 24 after successful ispatny new defense systems, reports ASDNews May 27.
Tests conducted newest ship torpedo defense system, completed 115 takeoffs and landings of aircraft, failed to provide the world’s first off the deck shock UAVs.
Mock shock UAV X-47B was launched from an aircraft carrier on May 14 in the trials included spetsy company Northrop Grumman. Proparhal drone over the eastern coast of Maryland and landed safely on the runway aviastantsii Patuxent River U.S. Navy (Maryland).
According to Vice Admiral David Buss (David Buss), the X-47B take off was probably the most complex operation that has ever carried on board the nuclear aircraft carrier. Three a day or drone back and touched his deck chassis as part of future landing on an aircraft carrier. Turning to the crew of an aircraft carrier, Bass said: «I hope you are all proud of the fact that there were. Takeoff UAV changed the world. «
Currently, the carrier prepares for the next sail in accordance with the schedule.

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