Uta Zapf called upon to help the victims of repression and the families of political prisoners

Help the victims of political repressions and the families of political prisoners in Belarus called on the OSCE Parliamentary Assembly Rapporteur on Belarus, Deputy International Secretary of the Social Democratic Party of Germany, the Bundestag Uta Zapf.

In the article, which is located on the party website, Zapf said that the defendants in the case of the riots in Minsk on December 19, "virtually no access to their lawyers." Lawyers defending opposition "under pressure "to force them to abandon it. Some of the" excluded from the Bar Association and as a result have a ban on the profession. "

"Some inmates temporarily released. Their obliged not to say anything about their experiences during the interrogation," — said Zapf. According to her, openly spoke of them, Alexei Mikhalevich, which thereafter fled the country and sought asylum in the Czech Republic.

Zapf writes about the fate of another presidential candidate the election of Vladimir Neklyaeva 2010, which due to house arrest "Only allowed to communicate with his wife." "No TV, Internet and phone, no visits and ban goes to the window and look outside. Two guards KGB constantly beset married couple in their apartment, "- emphasizes German politician.

"Repression acquired hitherto unseen scale — says Uta Zapf. — Astsyaroga There are many people who participated in the demonstration or supported the choice of opposition politicians who lose their jobs will be excluded from universities and others will feel the humiliation."

"They and the families of political prisoners, we are obliged to help. Important international monitoring process. Minsk OSCE ODIHR observers made, and we must see to it that it was to continue," — said Zapf.

According to her, is to be feared "extremely harsh sentences." "Lukashenko tough revenge" — says German politician.

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